Pookie: 23-year-old cat surrendered to NC kill shelter determined by veterinarian to only be 12 years old

This is an update on Pookie, a 23-year-old cat rescued from a North Carolina ‘kill shelter.’ PoC reported in a November 6 article that will bring you up to date on Pookies story after being surrendered by his family for “allergies.”

12-year-old Pookie in foster care (Corina McMilion)

Pookie was rescued by T.A.R.A Rescue in Raeford, North Carolina after being turned over to Cumberland County Animal Services in Fayetteville. He’s currently in foster care and looking for his own forever home.

The major news about Pookie is his age. The veterinarian has determined he’s only 12 years old. That’s a far cry from being 23! It will also make him much easier to adopt. Twelve isn’t thought as old in cat years as it used to be.

I chatted with Corina McMilion who is in charge of his adoption. Anyone wishing to give Pookie a quiet, mature home without children or other pets should contact Corina via Facebook. He’s being a good kitty and has a good appetite and is pooping and peeing like a normal cat.

Pookie needs a forever home (Corina McMilion)

He’s not very fond of the kittens in his foster home so hopefully, someone will step up quickly and offer Pookie a good place to spend what could be many more years. I really hope the person who adopts him will see that he’s spoiled and that his life is only half finished.

As for those who use allergies as an excuse, there are medications that will stop allergy symptoms in their tracks (unless you’re dealing with something more serious than the typical allergy) and they’re cheap in generics.

freedom ride (upper left) & shelter photo

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Pookie: 23-year-old cat surrendered to NC kill shelter determined by veterinarian to only be 12 years old — 3 Comments

  1. I have to say that he looks far more like 12 than 23. Twenty-three year old cats look genuinely old. It is quite noticeable. Thanks for the update Elisa.

    • I agree. I’ve seen elderly cats. My previous cat looked much worse at 14. I’ve also seen other elderly cats. This cat’s hair looks like he still grooms. The spine doesn’t seem bony either. In very elderly cats it seems to stick out a little.

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