Pooky in the Basket

Pooky in the Basket

by Glenna

....it's only a pic of my cat Pooky

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....it's only a pic of my cat Pooky

....Pooky is my cat. She is a Siamese cat and one day I was relaxing watching TV and then I was hungry so I went out in the kitchen and I walked right past my cat. I didn't even notice until she started meowing. So I turned around and saw my cat sitting in a empty flavored water box meowing and meowing. The next day I woke up and I went in kitchen to make sure my cat didn't do anything weird. Later on my mom called me and I said, "what?". My mom said, "could you get my camera", and I was thinking to myself and saying to myself, "oh, oh I think my cat did something weird".

I then walked back into the kitchen and said to Pooky, "here you go now can you tell me whats going on?". My mom then said your cat is sitting in the laundry basket mewing just as I expected....(a snapshot of normal life shared with a cat)


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Pooky in the Basket

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Aug 21, 2009
Weird and normal
by: Anonymous

Yes, cats do what we think are weird things that for them are normal things and we like that characteristic. We do things that our cat considers weird like shutting doors and sleeping until 7 in the morning and not getting up at 4 am.....!

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