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Poopoopeedo Cat Litter Box Review (video) — 11 Comments

  1. Wood chip litter? Interesting. I thought it might be the pellet litter made of pine or newspaper.
    In the states there are so many fancy litter box products on the market such as the self cleaning one (which I would never purchase) and the ones I do like and use are the Booda dome ones which are large and have a dome shaped top which holds two very large odor absorbing pads. The dome part can also be used separately as a cat shelter which they love. It looks like a pretty little igloo coming in nice shades of purple and blue.
    Another great looking but quite pricey one is a litter box located on the inside of an actual plant vase with plant on the top. The vase is large and looks great in placed in the corner of a room.

  2. It is an attractive looking box and would be great I think for folks who are concerned about their decor.

    I think our cats might find it too confining. They are actually used to much bigger boxes with a top that has an opening (it is an optional cover). We have two cats and three boxes, one which we keep open- and the other two are covered. They seem to enjoy the uncovered box at times more than the closed tops- so they actually have the best of both worlds.

    Thanks for sharing this product. Many foks may be attracted to it- but I wonder from looking at the box whether litter would be easily kicked out.

      • Is this the largest box made in that line?
        It looks pretty OK for a medium sized cat, maybe.
        Never had just one cat so don’t know.
        My six uncovered boxes are 30 inches x 24 inches x 8 inches high; the 6 covered ones are about 24 inches x 18 inches.
        By far, the uncovered are most popular. It’s surprising to me.

        • P.S. You’re left handed?
          If so, are there any cat duties that are awkward?
          I’m asking because so many things are geared for righthanders.

        • Dee, there may be an issue for some cats entering a covered litter box. It obviously depends on the cat’s personality. Charlie my late boy cat was reluctant to get into a closed one. Fortunately Gabriel loves closed litter boxes.

  3. I’ve never seen such little litter in a box; but, I have many cats.
    I think that many of them would like this, because they love the covered boxes.
    It must be a privacy thing.

    • With wood chip litter it doesn’t need anymore because it is highly absorbent and all the pee is soaked up. The actual tray is dry. If I do the litter twice per day then this works fine. Also cats normally like hiding places so a box like this should be welcoming to a cat.

  4. Entrance hole looks roomy. I like the looks of this box, except I’m not sure about a covered box with my crew. And Gabriel is getting BIG.

    • Gabriel is getting big. I promised Stephanie I’d write something on her product. It is quite large. I am not sure what allows/makes a cat like or dislike covered cat litter trays other than habit and personality.

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