Poor kitty had nowhere to go following a house fire. Then a firefighter stepped up to foster until the owner can find a new place to live.

A house fire near Carnation, Washington left a man as well as his dog and cat without a home. Not only did local firefighters revive the cat, one of the firefighters offered it a temporary foster home after learning the poor kitty had nowhere to go since the home was uninhabitable.

cat revived with oxygen
Duke was revived using a pet-sized oxygen mask (Eastside Fire & Rescue)
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Eastside Fire & Rescue were called to the fire on March 21 and quickly got it under control. The owner told firefighters his cat, Duke, was still inside. Duke was found quickly and brought outside.

According to Battalion Chief Dave McDaniel, Duke was unresponsive. Thanks to a pet-sized oxygen mask, the team was able to revive him. The rescue crews even transported Duke to Alpine Animal Hospital in Issaquah, where he was kept for several days to recover.

Another problem soon surfaced. The owner was staying in a hotel that allowed dogs but didn’t allow cats. So one of the firefighters offered to foster Duke until the owner can find a new place where he can live with both of his pets.

carnation map

Not only did the Eastside firefighters save Duke and offer to foster him, but they also split the vet bill using the Eastside Firefighters Benevolent Fund.

Please feel free to visit their Facebook community page and personally thank them for going the extra mile to help a man and his cat.


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