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Popular domesticated serval “zoo ambassador” bites child at birthday party — 4 Comments

  1. ’tis a shame that good old Anglo Saxon language is not permitted here…

    I believe that using wild breeds of mammal in these situations is just begging for a fear aggressive response from the poor Serval (insert any mammalian, as you see fit)

    Calling Copper an ambassador is a bit fallacious in my view. Exposing him to idiots with no inter-species manners is putting Copper at risk. In my view it is unfair exploitation.

    I agree, it is a huge failure of Copper’s ‘handlers’. However, no matter how much care you take, the are no warranties that excitable children and idiot mothers (any members of the public actually) will follow instructions.

    The picture looks like the mother was presenting the child to Copper “come hither wild beastie, snack upon my spawn”

    Props to the zoo for standing by Copper

    • I agree that exposing the cat to idiots in parties is a bad idea. I am not even sure wild species vs domestic matters that much in this situation – many a perfectly domestic cat would attack when startled. Serval is larger and has larger teeth, but he clearly was controlling his bite – if he’d really been trying to hurt the child, there’d be a lot more than a few scratches. In fact, a perfectly domestic cat can do far more serious damage with his teeth, my ex manager’s DSH was infamous for “sending people into an ER.”

      I am glad neither the child parents nor the stuff of the zoo made it into a big issue.

      Approaching a cat you don’t know from behind and touching it especially in a noisy party environment is never a good idea.

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