Possible Orange Female Maine Coon

Possible Orange Female Maine Coon

by Linda



I am trying to figure out if my cat Lucy is either part or full Maine Coon.

She weighs approximately 15Lbs and does have the M on her forehead.

If anyone can help out after viewing her picture please post a comment.


Hi Lucy.. Thanks for visiting. The "M" mark on the forehead of your cat indicates that she is a tabby cat. She is a red tabby and white cat.

She is also quite a large cat. But this does not necessarily mean that she is part Maine Coon.

Although, she might be part Maine Coon. Lucy does not have the appearance, though, of a purebred Maine Coon cat.


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Possible Orange Female Maine Coon

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May 16, 2010 An orange female is a little special
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi. Your cat has a rather wide muzzle which is one of the MC characteristics. Also from the picture it looks as if she has a fluffy tail, or is she just wagging it? Quite possibly there is some Maine Coon somewhere in her ancestry, but she herself is a mixed-bred domestic shorthair (orange tabby with white). And a great looking one, she is!
Most orange with white cats are male, because when the females have the orange gene, they usually also have the gene for black, making them calico (tortie). So actually being an orange tabby with white makes her a little special in that respect. 🙂

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