Possibly found a Chartreux in our line of strays :)

Possibly found a Chartreux in our line of strays 🙂

by Michelle
(Ca USA)

Kaia, who looks like a Chartreux

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Kaia, who looks like a Chartreux

We have a lot of stray cats -- or more like, we found a stray cat (tortoiseshell), and she had many kittens and made herself an extensive family. We've kept some, and given some away. What's really great is that they all somehow know better than to inter-mate with each other. Especially the little matriarch, she's the smartest of them all.

But anyway, there were a lot of males that came around for her various litters, two of them were gray ones. We caught one and placed him in another neighborhood, he was huge, but loud and affectionate. In her second or third litter, she had a blue-gray male, who was named 'Stitch', he started out a brilliant kitten, but something happened to him, and now his head is permanently tilted to the right side.. we checked his neck and there was no damage there, we don't know.. but he's large like the description, but is also loud.

Some of the other litters that Peek-a-Boo (original matriarch cat) had, ended up with those blue-gray kittens. One of her litters included a blue female and a black and orange tortoiseshell (like her mother). Those two grew up and were rather small adults, but had the same stocky build, very quiet 'mews', and rounded heads.

Since our cats come from strays we never hoped to divine a breed-line in any of them, but I realllyy think that some of them have the Chartreux blood in them.

Our little blue female just fits too much of the description. We thought it was interesting that sometimes she'll open her mouth like in a meow and nothing will come out. I'm excited now because it'd be really nice to know some of the breeds that make up all of our cats. She also has that thick short hair, not thin like her mother or the other cats. She's very friendly. So, I really think she is part Chartreux 🙂


Possibly found a Chartreux in our line of strays 🙂 to Chartreux cat

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Possibly found a Chartreux in our line of strays 🙂

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Dec 29, 2010 a Chartreux line in strays
by: Marg

Michelle, I was not even aware of the Chartreux until I recently saw the breed highlighted on CATS 101. We trapped a feral to have him neutered and eventually released but during his 24 hour recovery period he went from a "gutter" cat to a lap cat. I've never seen anything like it. He opens his mouth to talk back and nothing comes out. Just think - Kaia has a twin brother in Georgia. Definitiely somewhere along the geneology of this stray there was a Chartreux. Thanks for sharing your info.

Feb 24, 2010 Hmmmm.....
by: Cassi

She does look much like all the chartreux pictures I've seen. Do realize I'm not an expert(yet I got a book that tells me all about cats even their body langage). She is probably a moggie but chartreux is definatley in her blood line somewhere.

Feb 23, 2010 Blue cats
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Michelle. There could be Chartreux somewhere in the line, but we must remember that blue-grey is actually just a thinned version of black.
When I was a child we also had a blue kitten from a long line of brown tabbys. We thought he looked a lot like a Russian Blue we'd seen in a book, but our little village had no purebred cats back then, so the father probably was no other than the usual Big Black Tom. But that kitten did have a very distinctive blue colour.

Finn Frode avatar

Feb 23, 2010 She looks like one of mine!
by: Bob

If I didn't know better, I'd think I was looking at a picture of my little Mairead. Her mother, Hui Xian looks almost exactly like her, except with white paws and neck. So I guess it might be a bit biased of me to say she's a beautiful kitty!

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