Poster senior cat care tips

Caring for senior cats. This poster is designed to be printed out for a text book or for a small poster. The way to create a hard copy of the poster is to place your cursor over the poster and right click using the mouse or track pad. A menu comes up. Select “save image as..”, name the image and save it to desktop where you can alter its size and upload to your own webpage or simply print it out. Update: Sorry but due to people behaving badly and stealing photos from the site the right click facility has been disabled.

Please credit the creator of the poster: “poster by Ruth AKA Kattaddorra” – thank you. This page is part of the PoC website.

poster on senior cat care tips

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1 thought on “Poster senior cat care tips”

  1. This poster is great. I especially like making the home senior cat friendly and remembering to spend time with them. It’s not hard, because they’re such a joy, and they truly appreciate when you at a minimum just pay attention to them. Let them know you’re in the same world.


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