Potential Hazard to Cats: Gift Bag Handles

It is an unlikely place to find information about domestic cat hazards in the household but the gocomics website site does just that.

There is a cartoon (see above) about a cat enjoying playing inside a gift bag, messing around with the tissue paper inside. Lower down the page are a couple of comments that I have reproduced here. They are self-explanatory.

Kim Metzger: Everyone, a quick, important message. I had a gift bag like this years ago, and one of my cats got her head stuck in the handle. We all know how cats like playing in bags. BUT, if you have a bag like this, CUT THE HANDLES. We were lucky to see our cat in the predicament so we could get her out. If you don’t cut the handles, your cat might not be so lucky.

kid1at3heart: Please don’t let any of your babies play with plastic bags. It could get caught around their head and suffocate them. Heed the warning about not letting children play with them. Your furbabies are your children whether feline or canine.

I can envisage this happening. And when cats get stuck they can make matters worse by struggling. What these guys are saying is that domestic cats can end up in a position where they strangle themselves on the bag’s handles.

Go to the gocomics page I refer to.

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