Practicing Declawing On Cat To Be Euthanized

Laser declawing - Photo copyright

Laser declawing - Photo copyright

This is an extraordinary story of a Korean/American veterinarian who was found to have been practicing a declawing operation using newly acquired laser equipment on a cat that was at the clinic to be euthasized.

The vet, Byoung Hah at Angels Care Animal Hospital in Upland and Pomona, had recommended to the cat's caretaker that Sachi, her cat be euthanised. That was on 29th October 2007.

Mr Hah, in violation of common decency and morality and against normal practices, decided to declaw Sachi using laser declawing equipment that had been newly acquired. Obviously there was no instruction to do this nor was there a reason to do it.

I can only suppose as referred to in the title that Hah had decided to take the opportunity to practice a declawing operation using the new equipment with which he was probably unfamiliar.

Sachi was an ideal subject as even if he screwed up it would not matter because the cat was going to be killed anyway. He did not inform the client - the cat's caretaker.

It appears that he cut the cat as there were cuts on the eye and abdomen. We have a fellow hospital employee to thank for providing evidence of this grisly and grossly indecent behavior.

Mr Hah was also in violation of other elements of a vet's code of practice and was struck off.

He has returned to Korea to teach! The new vet who has replaced Mr Hah has rectified the problems.

This is the original article: Upland vet's license revoked

The original story does not spell out what I think was happening but common sense dictates that my presumption that he was practicing using new laser equipment on a cat destined for death must be the most obvious deduction.

Do you think other vets have done similar things?

I have published a photo from this page of the Mar Vista Animal Medical Center website - thank you. This hospital did do declawing operations but were banned under the Los Angeles declawing ban.

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Practicing Declawing On Cat To Be Euthanized

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Apr 08, 2012
Unconscionable NEW
by: Dee Florida

I don't know what else to say!

Apr 04, 2012
Vets and trust NEW
by: Julian pirog

I have come to distrust ALL vets but the ones who work for charitable trusts. I have four Cats and get charged many times for follow up which really should be in the original price. On the whole I have been frightened by vets who wish to undertake tests many times unnecessary and also the meds they give Ste often the same as for us. An example. Prednisone. I was charged forty pounds for six 5 ml tablets. They cost 60 pence for a months supply at 8 tabs a day. Private practice vets can be very difficult to trust indeed.
This declawing is disgusting and I really cannot verbalise how angry I am with it. My Brother did it to his Cat. I have not not will I talk to him again.
The PDSA and RSPCA vets ate fabulous so I go
There and give them the money as they need it. I find them caring and compassionate which I cannot say about private vet practices

Apr 03, 2012
Not Surprised NEW
by: Kathleen

I don't know how many other vets have done this, but I do know after working in animal hospitals for years that it is very common for vets NOT to tell their clients any number of things that they have done (or neglected to do, as the case may be) to their pets. Never patronize a vet that won't allow you "in the back" with your pet.

Apr 03, 2012
Who can you trust NEW
by: Rose

Who can you trust if you can't trust your vet?
Supposing he was advising euthanasia merely to get his hands on more cats to practice on?
Thank God for the person speaking out about this disgraceful vet.
This casts doubt over all the profession as it may be happening to countless animals for all we know.

Apr 03, 2012
Horrible NEW
by: Barbara

This really is horrendous what a betrayal of that poor doomed cat, my first thought on this was that there really is a worse fate than death and that is to be in the hands of an unscrupulous, low life grave robbing "vet" like this "person" who I am quite sure HAD (and probably still does)performed atrocities on animals in this situation before. Struck off but returned home to teach, I can't begin to imagine the hell of a veterinary surgery in Korea if this is how animals are treated by Koreans in the US. And this "vet" an example of the calibre of the tutors.

Oh yes, aren't cats part of the diet in Korea? Maybe a quick lunchtime sarnie then from that day's PTS's!

It probably goes on all over the world all the time, probably here in England, certainly in veterinary training, it sickens me to be honest and it emphasises that when a beloved animal comes to the end of his or her life then they shouldn't be taken to the vet and trustingly left there to face their fate alone, but should be protected right up until the moment of death by the owner's presence and then taken home for the last time for private disposal.

Barbara avatar

Apr 03, 2012
Dreadful! NEW
by: Ruth

This is absolutely dreadful and how many more animals to be euthanised did Hah experiment on before he killed them?
It seems unlikely it wasn't a regular thing he did but he got unlucky when he was found out and reported.
If I lived in a country where vets declawed I would never let one of those vets anywhere near our cats because they break their oath every time they declaw a cat.
If they do that, what else do they do with no conscience?
We know that using a laser takes some expertise but we don't know how (or if) all the vets using it learn to use that laser equipment.
The blood runs cold to think of it.
It's sad that because of some corrupt vets we can't fully trust any vet at all these days.
My advice to anyone having to have a pet euthanised is to stay with him/her while it's done or at the very least wait and make sure to see the body afterwards.
Don't let what happened to that poor cat happen to your pet!

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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