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Praising and Criticising Cat Breeders — 1 Comment

  1. My daughter bought a savannah cat from A1 Savannah. She bought it August 2012 and now on Feb 2013 the cat has FIP. My daughter;s cat was not around any other cats. Only the breeders. My daughter paid alot of money and has a bond with her cat and I must say all though I disliked cats…this kitty is so cute and has a personality like a humna. I am going to sue A1 Savannah,. how dare they do this to my daughter. this kitty was my daughters life and now she is losing her cat. my daughter is 23 and lives alone and loved her kitty so much it has completely crushed her to lose her kitty. Better hope I dont lose my daughter. Oh and by the way my daughter saved for a long time for this kitty. Now she is out the money not to mention another 750 in vet bills in one night to tell her that her kitty is going to die. will probably spend another 250 to put it down. Thanks A1 Savannah.

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