Premature Savannah Kitten

Tiny premature Savannah kitten

Well what can I say! So vulnerable. All cats are vulnerable, though. However, I have not seen a new born so tiny and vulnerable although he will grow into a strapping, strong and boisterous kid of a cat under the parentage of Kathrin Stucki who took this photo with her free hand.

I have met and played with the Savannah kittens of A1 Savannahs and they are full of fun, outgoing, hungry and playful. In short they are confident, socialised cats, ideal as companion cats for the good cat caretaker.

See another popular Savannah kitten. I called him Savannah-cat-10!. Lots of people have seen this picture. And then some “nice pics” of the glorious Savannah cat.

From Premature Savannah Kitten to Savannah Cat.

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