President Trump’s ‘beast’ tamed by Larry the Cat

You must know about President Trump’s car which is called “the beast” because it is so heavy at 14,000 pounds and because the bodywork is several inches thick as is the glass. The tyres are solid and its maximum speed is 60 mph.

Larry the Cat underneath the 'Beast'.
Larry under ‘the beast’. Photo in public domain.
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Nice picture of the Beast. And the President’s car… #TrumpUKVisit

During President Trump’s visit to the UK to meet the Queen and the Prime Minister, while he was at number 10 Downing Street, with the beast parked outside, Larry the Cat conveniently parked himself underneath this gargantuan vehicle as you can see from the photograph. This delayed the president’s entourage while leaving Theresa May’s official residence and office.

Larry doing his thing during President Trump’s visit to the Prime Minister’s residence and office.

I think it adds a nice touch to the whole process. This was a state visit full of pomp and circumstance. The great and the good (and not so good) were there dressed up to the nines in white tie and tails, eating far too much and it’s great to see a humble domestic cat finding his way under a car which is very typical of domestic cats as it happens.

We know that cats like to go under cars because they get protection from above. They feel secure there. I’m sure that a policeman (and a policeman is always in attendance outside number 10 Downing Street) removed him. I’ve seen the police carrying Larry before on many occasions when he gets in the way. Larry occasionally fights with the resident cat across the way at the Foreign Office over territory. Palmerston is the resident Chief Mouser of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office at Whitehall in London.

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