Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren says adopt a pet if you have failed at something

Elizabeth Warren fell short at the 2020 New Hampshire Democratic primary and wrote an email about how to deal with ‘falling short’ i.e. failing. It is an email to Courtney Enlow who praises it in a tweet. It backfired.

Adopt a pet if you have had a bad time
Adopt a pet if you have had a bad time or failed at something. Not a good idea.
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The concept behind her recommendations for dealing with failure are laudable and acceptable but the specifics are not i.e. the bit about adopting a cat or dog. And watching cat and dog videos is not great either. And I don’t like the reference to ‘pet’; too condescending.

Elizabeth Warren. Photo (adjusted) from Wikipedia.
Elizabeth Warren. Photo (adjusted by PoC) from Wikipedia.

I don’t think that it is clever to adopt a cat to make yourself feel better after you have failed at something. The best time to adopt a cat is when you have assessed the cost and every other aspect in a business-like manner. In other words not when you are emotionally upset. You are taking on a life-long responsibility. It is a serious matter.

To be fair to the senator I don’t think she meant what I have suggested but it looks that way. The point that she is making is that when one fails you have to take a deep breath, pick yourself up by being kind to yourself and start over again. That is obviously good advice.

But I’d like her to drop the adopt a cat or dog bit, please, because there are far too many examples of people adopting cats and dogs when they are not in a position to do so successfully and to the required standard. A lack of money is often a problem as the person is unable to provide high quality care and will be reluctant to take their cat to the vet’s.

Warren was criticised in the Washington Examiner for her email which indicated to the journalist Tom Rogan that she is not up to the task of successfully dealing with President’s Xi and Putin when defending America’s interests. He says that her advice to watch videos of cats and dogs is also poor. It is a little weak isn’t it? It does indicate a lack of fibre and a steely approach to politics. Is her advice a little too gentle for the modern era of brutal politics?


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