Pretty cat has a beautiful meow

Can cats have more melodic and beautiful meows than other cats? Yes, absolutely. Some cats, the Siamese comes to mind, have quite harsh and demanding meows. They are effective though! But this pretty cat has a sweet voice. If she was a person she’d have a signing voice! In fact there are meows of all sorts of variants and volumes across the spectrum of feline species and individual cats. There is even a silent meow which might seem to be pointless but it has become an effective visual close range signal rather than a vocal communication.

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Cat 🐱 ASMR…😍 How cute am I on a scale of 1-10? ##catsoftiktok ##cats ##catvideo

♬ original sound – Cats 🐱😍

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Cat has a beautiful meow
Cat has a beautiful meow. TikTok video screenshot.
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