Pretty woman chomps down on whole, cooked domestic cat?

This is a young Asian woman who seems to be in a restaurant while the person opposite her videos her chomping down on what appears to be a young, whole domestic or feral cat, cooked and glazed. Vegetables are provided as an accompaniment.

Asian woman eats a domestic cat
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Asian woman eating a domestic cat?

She tweets: me eating doja cat after she removed her 2nd verse in juicy for tyga’s corny ass.

This indicates that the animal that she is eating is indeed a domestic or feral cat. I looked up the reference to ‘doja cat’ and all I could find is a Wikipedia entry for a professional female rapper called Doja Cat. Brilliant. Perhaps the Asian woman is taking the piss out of the American woman in a bitchy, sick way.

Do you find the videoed tweet objectionable as I do? It just looks horrible to me.

In Asia – Vietnam is very in to eating domestic cats – this sort of culinary behavior is quite normal and commonplace. No doubt they would see nothing wrong with it which highlights the gulf in culture between the East and West.

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Defenders of cat and dog meat say that it is no different to steak. But it is because cats are companions to humans. Their role is to be companions. Their role is not to be slaughtered in a brutal manner and to be fed to humans. Humans have an entirely different connection to domestic cats than we do to cows. It is the emotional connection which leads to families treating cats as part of the family which makes this video sickening. Damn it, she could be eating someone’s beloved cat who was wandering around outside a few days ago.

Note: The cooked animal looks like a cat but I am not sure because it is cooked. I am sure you get my meaning.

Here is the tweet. Tweets and videos sometimes disappear as they are out of my control. Sorry if that happens.


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