Pretty woman likes to kill beautiful animals for fun but she ‘respects nature’

For me Crystal Gibson aka northerngirl777 is a mixed up individual as she says that she ‘respects nature’ but likes to kill wild animals for the fun of it. I don’t see how you can reconcile these objectives.

Pretty woman kills animals for fun
Pretty woman kills animals for fun. Click for a larger version.
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She is seen in the picture above with a bobcat which she shot because we are told by a third party (a rude third party) that the bobcat killed her cat. I have no other evidence that this is true. Even if it is true the solution is not to shoot the bobcat (was it the bobcat that killed her cat and if so how did she know?) but to protect her cat by building a garden enclosure and/or keeping her cat inside.

If the outside is that dangerous with predators preying on cats the only solution is to keep them in.

Crystal has a number of online accounts e.g. Instagram but they all private, no doubt because she has been hounded by decent minded people who, like me, hate hunters and cruelty to animals. And no doubt all the accounts have pictures of her smiling into the camera while standing over a dead animal that she’s recently shot.

It is a good picture, the one on this page. She is smiling, obviously pleased with herself. Her eyes are dead. There is not a glimmer of emotion for the animal she has needlessly killed for fun. It is as if she was at a fairground and had been shooting at metal ducks moving from left to right with a prize of a large plush bunny if you hit three ducks.

For her she is not shooting a living, sentient creature that feels pain. The bobcat is (was) a moving target; no more. If you asked her how painful it would be for a bobcat to be shot by a rifle bullet she’d look at you in bemusement. She would not understand. Causing pain to animals is not factored into her entertaining killing sessions.

As usual, good ‘ole Daddy taught her how to kill animals for pleasure and she admires her Daddy so much. Well done Daddy Gibson for teaching your daughter how to be cruel to animals and to act immorally.

3 thoughts on “Pretty woman likes to kill beautiful animals for fun but she ‘respects nature’”

  1. It’s people like you who make me ashamed to be human. Just how incredibly dull do you have to be? Just so stupid and boring. You need to leave people alone and mind you’re own fucking business. I’d your life so perfect that you can call others out for their sins. What pisses me off is that you encoded the lords name. If you had the brain cells to read the Holy Text you would know animals don’t have souls and they were put here under our domain. They are here to serve us. And even if that’s not true (which it is) then still you have no right to judge her. For judgement is reserved for the lord our god. The reason he said “let he who have not sinned cast the first stone” is because it means no one could throw a stone. You are a sinner and have no right to judge another sinner and the fact that you have done so is… well… not my place to say. The lord will take care of you how he sees fit. I would pray tho.

  2. These are the types of people that need to be re-educated. How do we get through to them, with the trophy hunting attitude so deeply ingrained into their nature? 😠😭


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