Preventable Food Crisis

Preventable Food Crisis

by Poochu

Claws & teeth to catch mouse

Claws & teeth to catch mouse

Claws & teeth to catch mouse Infiltrator rat

The decline in the number of Snakes for various reasons best known to Man, creates a very favourable situation for Rodents to breed out of proportions in Rice or Wheat Farms of India or elsewhere.

These rodents chiefly the ubiquitous Rat has become a national nuisance. In a recent national newspaper report the "Rats are healthier than an average Indian" -The Hindu, August 12, 2010.

According to Dr. H.A.B. Parpia, a renowned food scientist who was also associated with the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations, said “six rats eat the food of one man and an average rat in the country (India) is more nutritionally healthy than an average Indian”.

He pointed out that food loss during the post harvest stage was 30-35 percent while the loss of perishable products was 50 percent. “Food saved is equal to food produced and water conserved”

He also pessimistically pointed out that “greater the food production, greater the food loss unless measures were in the first place.

I would ask what measures? If these Farm Rats keep breeding till they migrate to cities infesting Rice or Wheat Godowns, School or Hospital kitchens and Urban Homes in search of food which Man stocks .

Solution: The natural predator “CAT”, because Snakes in an urban setting is a strict NO.

Poisoning Rats at Home without Cats is OK, but what if these poisoned rat carcass thrown out are accidentally eaten by Crows, stray Dogs and Cats?

Let these Natural Born Cats with their sharp claws and teeth bring the abomination upon these infiltrating pests.


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Preventable Food Crisis

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Aug 17, 2010 Very Informative
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

I loved your article, thank you. I especially enjoyed the reference to our balls of fluff as little killing machines...that just made me laugh out loud! Age doesn't seem to diminish our little hunters, either, as my own 16/year tortie proves when she frequently gifts me with a field mouse she caught indoors. After giving her all the praise she could possibly get, she resumes her mouse watch, hoping for another opportunity. Please continue writing - your article gives us a refreshing spin on the natural order of things. Thanks again.

Aug 16, 2010 Wise people
by: Ruth

A strange thing to say to you Poochu but you do remind me of my late mother !! lol
She had a quote for every occassion and she was a very very wise lady too.
It's only by opening our minds we can learn from others and I've already learned a lot from you,but sadly some peoples minds are closed and they really don't know what they are missing.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Aug 15, 2010 Thanks Again.
by: Poochu

I must admit here that by reading all these comments I feel elated as well as educated.

I agree with Ruth that our "Cats" are indeed "little Killing Machines" capable of providing for themselves and also little altruistic babies or "cuddly balls of fluff" as Edward has rightly described them.

I can imagine what a prejudiced mind I had before I understood these "Cats" like the "sharks" who were victims of propaganda after the movie "Jaws".

Like they say "if ignorance is bliss then its a folly to be wise".

"being ignorant is a folly when wisdom gives us bliss".

Let us all fight for the Rights of these mute felines before its too late.

Aug 14, 2010 You are right
by: Edward

Man you are so right,let cats be cats and do what they like to do.
Our cats are dual personalities as well,hunters outside and cuddly balls of fluff at home.
Keep on writing stuff Poochu,its a refreshing change to read someone new.

Aug 14, 2010 ps
by: Ruth

I love your photos too Poochu.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Aug 14, 2010 Very interesting
by: Ruth

What a very interesting article Poochu.I do love reading about your culture and no matter that you protest you are not wise,I think you are !
This is why cats were born to this earth,they have a very imnportant place here, they are mostly now kept as little furry creatures to pamper but they are still also little killing machines.
We are lucky not to have rats around our neighbourhood but we do have mice as we live near an embankment and were it not for the cats here we would eventually be over run.
Our own two cats are very good hunters, they bring their spoils home for us.They leave them on the patio and come in and turn into those little furry creatures to pamper but they have their own world outside too and enjoy what they were born to do,as is their right.
I know in some places it's too dangerous nowadays to let cats go out and live their lives to the full and I think it's a very sad sign of the way this world is going.
It worries me that somewhere there will be mad scientists experimenting on cats, trying to breed clawless kittens which would take away the very essence of the cat and turn him into a living soft toy.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Aug 13, 2010 When the Cat is away, the Rat comes and irritates.
by: Poochu

The Rat shown above in the picture,had actually infiltrated into our home, around midnight on the 18th of May 2010 while it was drizzling outside creating a sleepless night for both me and my mother.

This made us think of our orange male cat who prior to this incident had escaped into the urban jungle disillusioned by his urge to mate with his opposite kind never again to return.

We had hoped against hope for him to return just for that night to have our much needed sleep.

The filthy rat reminded us how important the Cat was to us Humans.Unfortunately I had to poison-bait-kill the rat.

Our prayers of that night were finally answered when we found a traumatised female kitten of 6 weeks hiding in the gap of our main doors, seeking refuge from another dominant male/female Cat on the 25th of June 2010.

This orange kitten is a God gift to us, and is so attached to me that it just refuses to leave our home and sleeps right on me.

I just cant comprehend why this Kitten refuses to leave home and befriend her step siblings who live a wild natural life. Her attachment and dependence on me is incredible.

Aug 13, 2010 Love this
by: Michael

Love your article because it promotes the natural reason why the cat was domesticated originally - to help the humans. In return the cat benefited.

This is a nice symbiotic relationship and there is no reason why it can't exist still in the 21st century.

Well said.

Michael Avatar

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