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This is a carefully produced prezi on the prevention of human toxoplasmosis. A “prezi”, for people unfamiliar with the word, is a modern and more flexible version of the usual presentation using online software. I think it is an ideal way to present information about a tricky topic, which is often presented by scientists using jargon that is unintelligible to a lot of web surfers. Below the prezi I have listed some of my thoughts about the prevention of toxoplasmosis in people having learned something in the preparation of this presentation.


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Probably the most important aspect of toxoplasmosis is that there is far too much emphasis on the cat and far too little emphasis on food handling and preparation in the kitchen. By far the greater risk of being infected is in handling raw meat.  Let’s be fair on the cat.

There is also a lot of scaremongering by idiot quasi-scientists pronouncing how the toxoplasmosis organism tachyzoites invades a person’s brain in a sinister way and makes them mad or behave in peculiar ways. We have to be more rational and sensible in our appraisal. This sort of person fuels cat-hater arguments for the extermination of the cat. It is irresponsible behavior.

It is very possible, actually quite easy, to take common sense steps to prevent infection by toxoplasmosis. Pregnant women do not need to get rid of their cat or cats. Also gardeners and people enjoying gardens need to be aware of the possibilities and take some simple precautions.

I have written a lot about the stray and feral cat. Ultimately, their existence is due to irresponsible cat ownership. Of all cats, strays play a important role in the transmission of toxoplasmosis. Something needs to be done about this over and above hoping people change their ways. I have suggested some sort of legislative intervention.

Everyone who has a cat has a relationship with another species. There are some health risks either way. There are also health risks in living with another person or going into a public place. Let’s keep things in perspective.

I won’t waffle on anymore because all the information needed is in the presentation. If I have missed something or got something wrong please tell me in a comment as I want this prezi to be complete and accurate.

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9 thoughts on “Prevention of Human Toxoplasmosis Prezi”

  1. A brilliant presentation Michael! I don’t know how but as I tried yet again it suddenly opened and I was able to read it right through.
    You are right, too much emphasis is placed on cats spreading toxoplasmosis and not enough on sensible hygiene and cooking meat properley (or go veggie…couldn’t resist lol) but as with everything else it’s far too easy for cat haters to take no responsibility and to blame cats instead.

  2. For some reason my computer won’t open this Michael, I tried yesterday and just tried again today with no luck, pity as I’m sure it must be good. So sorry I can’t make any helpful comment.
    I just noticed that only Marc has commented, so wonder if anyone else has the same problem as me or is it just you are computer geniuses and I’m not lol

    • What a shame. I’d like to have a look at your set up. Can you see the prezi on the page? I presume you can but can’t run it. I’ll check this out with 4 and 10 year computers I have and make a further comment.

  3. Wow Michael, I really love this new medium. It’s amazing what you can do with the power of zoom. It seems to have so much potential as a teaching/learning tool.

    It would seem that the nay sayers harp on the one important fact that stray cats are the main cause of the spread of the disease to humans and other animals. They need to keep it in perspective by considering the fact that most actual cases of it don’t come from cats. Nonethelss if there were less stray cats then maybe less people would end up catching it because less animals would get it – or something to that effect.

    What I like the most is that most people in France are immune. I would really like to understand why that is so. Do more people get it? There aren’t more stray cats on average. Its very interesting. Are the French less careful when gardening and handling raw meat and so on. Is it passed down through generations somehow… and being an ‘old’ country then most people have it. I’m very curious about this one little statistic mentioned.

    • The France/America comparison is interesting. I have no information as to why that stark difference exists. It would seem that the French have been exposed more and acquired immunity. Maybe it is the sport of boules ;)…..picking up those bowls and the ground is contaminated and has been for centuries but the French had no idea….LOL.

      Pleased you like the presentation. It is my second. It is not easy work. I guess you realise that.

      • LOL – excellent theory Michael. It makes perfect sense too! Love it. Now there’s a reason to head down to the village square and play couple of games with the old guys. It might save your life. 🙂


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