Price of a Savannah Cat

by Michael
(London, UK)

Silver F1 female Savannah cat - photo copyright Kathrin Stucki (A1 Savannahs)

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Silver F1 female Savannah cat - photo copyright Kathrin Stucki (A1 Savannahs)

The price of a Savannah cat is set out below. The price depends on the following: the breeder concerned - what price the breeder wants to charge and what he or she thinks he should and can charge. The quality of the cat. The cat's generation from the wild. Whether the cat is male or female and market forces. This means what the market dictates that the price should be which overlaps with the other factors above.

The prices below come direct from A1 Savannahs. Prices will change due to market forces and date. This post was made 13th April 2011.

I would recommend that you either buy from A1 Savannahs or consult with them initially - please see Savannah Cat Breeder.

F1 $7,500-$22,000F1 $6000-$22,000
F2 $4,500-$16,000F2 $4,500-$14,000
F3$3,000-$6,000F3 $3,500-$5,500
F4 $1200-$3,000F4 $1,200-$4,500
F5 $950-$6,000F5 $950-$3,000
SBT $950-$6,000SBT $950-$3,000

"SBT" refers to stud book tradition" and can mean a cat that is four generations (f4) from the wild. In this instance, I believe, it means 5th generation from the wild.

"F1" means first generation from the wildcat, meaning the cat's father is a serval and the mother is a domestic cat, probably a Savannah cat of high fillial but ask the experts for breeding details.

"F2" means second generation and so on.

I hope that you find this helpful.


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3 thoughts on “Price of a Savannah Cat”

  1. i have a male 6-8 mouths tabby Savannah cat which as long pink pointed could be f1 or f2,i live in Manchester uk and im looking for him to breed with another Savannah you no of any people in my area who would be willing to breed with i pay to breed him or do i get the money an pick of the litter.thanks heather.x

    • Hi Heather, I think the best thing for you to do it is to contact a Savannah cat breeder direct. There are one on two in the UK. You’ll have to google “savannah cat breeder UK” and see what comes up. Strawbell Pedigree Cats is on example. Give them a ring and go from there. However, you should make sure you have a Savannah cat first. You say you are not sure if he is F1 or F2. If you knew for sure that your cat was a Savannah cat you’d know if (s)he was F1 or F2. Also you describe your cat as a “tabby Savannah cat. All Savannah cats are tabbies so you don’t need to say that. That indicates to me that you are not sure if you have a Savannah cat. Good luck anyway.

  2. I’m living in miami-dade county florida I want to buy a kitten savannah domestic F-4 or F-5 cat, I want to know to big it will be? and how much will cost me? Please, let me know….thank yo hector


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