Prime Minister May’s parting speech would have been improved by Larry the cat’s presence

I’ll have to keep this incredibly short. Larry the cat was unceremoniously removed from his usual sitting-and-watching position outside the front door of No 10 Downing Street just before Prime Minister May was due to deliver her tearful farewell speech. I suppose the powers that be felt that he spoilt the scene. He got in the way.

Larry being removed from outside No 10 prior to Theresa May delivering her farewell speech on resigning.
Larry being removed from outside No 10 prior to Theresa May delivering her farewell speech on resigning.  CREDIT:TOLGA AKMEN/AFP/GETTY IMAGES
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I think he’d have enhanced the scene. He might have sauntered up to May’s lectern and rubbed against her skinny legs mid-speech. She could have paused, bent down and petted him with a smile. It would have made her look human and not the ‘May-bot’ (robotic behavior) with which she was characterised frequently by the news media.

Damn it, she could have picked him up (in the correct way but I bet she couldn’t do it properly) and cuddled him. There would have been a million photos taken of that split second moment. The world would have been awash with pictures of Larry, No 10’s chief mouser and rescue cat from one of the world’s most famous animal rescue centres Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, which contains the world’s oldest boarding cattery.

To remove Larry from May’s final parliamentary scene was her final mistake and she made a ton of them. She was a failure. It has to be said, and I for one and pleased to see her go. It should have happened months ago.

Well, I teased that out nicely…and by the way, Larry is an indoor-outdoor cat. That’s another bone of contention because this is the middle of London.

P.S. For people are unaware of it: the Prime Minister of England, Wales and N. Ireland works in what looks like a large terraced house in the middle of London. The occupant of the title gives the occasional speech in the road outside the front door. The road is a cul-de-sac and the exit is gated with security.

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