Prime Minister will double security for Larry the No 10 cat in the wake of Crufts multiple poisonings

Crufts. Photo adam w.
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Although tongue-in-cheque, Prime Minister Cameron, in a radio interview on Heart Radio said he’d double security for the famous Larry, No 10’s resident cat, having expressed his shock at the alleged 6 poisonings of dogs at Crufts, one of which has died. David Cameron said he is a cat and dog lover. He was incredulous at the poisonings, unable to comprehend how someone could do it. He sympathises greatly with the grieving caretaker/guardian on the Red Setter that died on returning home.

“I think he’s pretty safe sitting on the chair in the hall way watching the world go by.But I’ll double the security around him and make sure he’s okay.”

At first there was one poisoning and a death but now we have news that there are five more as I understand it. They appear to be less serious and there are no more reported deaths but nonetheless this is a very serious for Crufts and the competitors as some of them may think twice about returning.

Subject to confirmation that these dogs have been poisoned (a toxicology test is being carried out on the meat contents of the dead dog’s stomach) the question is whether a competitor or competitors did the poisoning or animal rights activists are involved. I expect that CCTV footage is being studied.

Crufts has its enemies due in part because of the scandal some years ago of inbreeding dogs to the point where their health is severely affected. There is always a body of people who will dislike cat or dog breeding because there are unwanted companion animals in the world. We don’t need more.

4 thoughts on “Prime Minister will double security for Larry the No 10 cat in the wake of Crufts multiple poisonings”

  1. Hi Michael and sad to have read this tragic unbelievable news of show dogs being poisoned at “CRUFTS”, the World’s oldest and most famous dog Show. I was away on a tour of South India and read this news in a internet cafe.Poisoning of pets is not uncommon in most country’s including India but the fact that this happened at the World’s premier dog show is very damaging and disgusting.Putting on my “Sherlock Holmes think cap” i presume it could be activists who are against the holding of “Pedigree dog shows” as numerous unwanted stray dogs are euthanized in U.k.I doubt the culprit is a fellow dog or breeder owner as more than one dog was poisoned.Hope the murderers are brought to justice and the Crufts show functions as normal

    • Hi Rudolph, I tend to think like you, that it is animal rights activists. I hope the CCTV reveals something. It would be nice to catch them. I hope you had a nice tour.


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