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Prince William backs trophy hunting according to Botswana’s president — 8 Comments

  1. Wow! This truly surprises and saddens me. I had thought that Prince William and Prince Harry were “cut from a different cloth.” 😱😢😡

    • Me too but I have learned that William is weak. He lack steel down the spine and he is upper class and privileged which means he learned to hunt etc.. I think he hates trophy hunting really but he doesn’t have the balls to say plainly and simply.

  2. It doesn’t surprise me, his grandfather is a patron (or was) of a huge global charity that promotes hunting for conservation under the guise of helping wildlife. His whole immediate family of parasites hunts. His grandad is shown on royal tours with the queen, shooting tigers in the 1950s (possibly findable in the Pathe News archives)

    Footage exists of William and his brother fox hunting with dogs (illegal), grouse shooting, deer stalking (the deer get shot) A significant number of royal estates host hunting too, for profit. At least one tabloid published pictures of both brothers fox hunting and shooting. One set of pics purported to show Harry beating a black gun dog with a wooden hiking pole.

    A better idea for conservation would be to allow the royal family of cat hating hunters to be hunted for trophies themselves.

    There will be no changing them. The younger royals are as anti-other species as the old school. The younger royals are very switched on to modern media, a relaxation of ettiquette, allows them to exploit any cause they fancy.

      • 😸 Oooh the tales to be told of what becomes of some of the royal racehorses that don’t win races!

        The queen loves horse racing, the Saudi royal family has pumped billions into the UK racing industry. The queen is a big fan of Saud. The House of Saud is not known for kindness to the Saudi people or any other species.

        Are there any ‘royal’ families founded on anything other than fear, violence and explicit abuse or exploitation of any living being?

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