Tiger Farms

Tiger Farms. Image: MikeB

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Tiger farms should have been banned in after a promise made by the Laos government in order to help protect the tiger in the wild because tiger farms undermine tiger conservation. Prince William praised the Laos government for deciding to ban tiger farms. That was a year ago and since then nothing has happened. The tiger farm business has expanded. It is thriving. It is driven by wealthy middle-class Chinese who are making their money on the back of the West because the West is buying their products. Indirectly, people living in the West are supporting tiger farms and undermining conservation. Prince William, through his spokesperson, has refused to comment on the failure of the Laos government to stamp on tiger farms. He needs to stand up again and speak about it. He has inadvertently become sucked into a Laos Tiger farm sham where once he praised Laos officials he now must decry them.

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