Printable Anti-declawing Posters

Here are 6 anti-declaw posters that are printable. Anyone is free to use them. Please spread the word. Use them at school. If you are at school, either as a teacher or a student, you might find them useful for teaching or projects.

The 6 posters are in a slideshow. The slide show runs automatically and restarts automatically. These is an 8 second pause on the slide (or control using the arrows at the sides). Just click on the slide to go to a large, printable version (a new page opens). When you are on the page where the printable image is, click on the printer button, top right of the page to activate your printer (see and image of this below the slide show).

See below the slides for more information.


Declawing, as a subject, can be incorporated into many other topics such as:

To Print

Make sure:

  1. your printer is able to print decent quality images and;
  2. you have image quality paper in your printer (this sort of paper is very common these days)
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Printable Anti-declawing Posters — 16 Comments

  1. Brilliant posters but heart breaking the lengths you guys have to go to. People are in such denial and its plain to see from your posters how cruel this is 🙁

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