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Printable Cat Food Coupons

by Michael
(London, UK)

Got Your Coupons?

Printable cat food coupons are well searched for but are they found!? When I first heard of them I had little idea of what they were but having searched high and low for some fresh, live printable coupons, I am now familiar with them. A number of sites just waffle around the subject and try and drive you to click on Google Adsense ads.

The intention of this page is to find these elusive printable coupons and present links to them in one place and to update them when I have time. Or better still for the occasional visitor to update the page by making a comment. Some of the links are to coupon promotions that provide coupons that need not be printed but all provide discounts.

When buying cat food one factor is price another quality. The third, hidden factor, is whether a manufacturer endorses or is against animal testing. I made a post on my blogger site on this. It may not be complete but it covers some ground: Purina® Pet Cat Food (new window). Purina® is a big company owning many brands.

The following links are the fruits of my search for printable cat food coupons on 5th Oct 2009. Things change on the internet and particularly coupons with their often limited lifespan.

FriskiesWell, Friskies do have coupons from time to time  as far as I am aware.  But they insist that you sign up (register) with them first so you gotta earn it…. I have signed up (5th Oct. 2009) and trawled through the entire site without finding one thankless cat food coupon but they are there somewhere, sometimes..Link to sign up. -- and find out. 
Canine CaviarThey have introductory offers for new customers with an “instant coupon”. You need to sign up as usual and I don’t know it the coupon is printable but that doesn’t matter as long as you get the money off. Link to sign up page.
Propac Super Premium Pet FoodYou register and become a PRO PAC Pal after which you are sent a $2 coupon. Link to sign registration page. Once again not strictly printable but workable. 
Hills Science Diet 3 Bag ChallengeOnce again this promotion shows that you give something to the manufacturer before you get your hands on those cat food vouchers, printable cat food coupons or not. Here is link to their 3-BAG CHALLENGE -- link broken July 2013. You buy three bags and get coupons to buy more at a discount. Usual stuff really. You have got to register as well. This is another link to the same promo but a different page -- link broken July 2013
Hills Culinary CreationsBuy one get one free printable coupon. This link takes you to a smart source page – this item is top right on the linked page. 
Hills Natures Best$5 coupon when you register.
Hills Science PlanUK promo - £5 coupon requires registration.
WhiskasWhiskas® Purrfectly® Brand Dry Food for Cats. Registration is required and the link takes you there - broken link Jan 2013 sorry.
RedPlum CouponsThis is a coupon site and at the time of this post they only have dog good coupons but it is linked because things change. Update: this link takes you to a Whiskas Whiskas® Purrfectly® Brand Dry Food for Cats printable cat food coupon for $1 off
MySavingsThis is a site that is meant to direct you to printable coupons or all sorts of coupons and yes, you guessed it, you have to register first. This is the link.
Feline PineYes, I know its litter and cats can’t eat it but looking at things laterally or from a different angle, nearly all cats need litter and if we save there we save on overall costs leaving more for cat food. Here is a bag rebate scheme with a printable page from a PDF file.
The Good Life RecipeUp to $6 can be saved. You have to give an email address. Here is the link.

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May 06, 2011
not worth it
by: Anonymous

it is so hard to get coupons. not even worth it

Dec 15, 2009
by: Anonymous

$2 Whiskas Cat Food Coupon - broken link 19th Jan 2013 (New)
After you fill out the form you will be able to print out the coupon instantly..

Save $2.00 on their new Whiskas Purrfectly Brand Dry Food for Cats with Chicken or with Chicken & Salmon!

Update: this is "on hold" currently (mid Dec. 2009)

Dec 15, 2009
Printable coupon
by: Petco Pals

$5 or $10 Printable Petco Coupons (December 31st 2009). Receive a $5 discount on your in store purchases over $25, or $10 off $50.. Present printable coupons to your local Petco pet store to receive this offer..

Dec 15, 2009
by: Michael

Hills £5 off your next purchase of New Hill's Science Plan plus a chance to win a years free supply of food. This is the link.

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