Printable Essay on Persian Cat for Students

This is an essay on the famous Persian cat that can be easily printed. If you click on either of the links below you’ll be taken to two versions of the essay. There are controls on the page to print it. You are free to use it as you wish.

Printable essay on the Persian cat for students with picture

(this opens in a new window or tab).

Printable essay on the Persian cat for students – text only

If you have trouble seeing the controls or the document it is because your browser (software on your computer) is out of date. Browsers are free so you just have to download a fresh version.

If you have any particular requirements just ask in a comment and I’ll respond fast and try and help.

Useful tag. Click to see the articles: Cat behavior

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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5 Responses

  1. Aiman ? says:

    Please I need some essay about Persian cat

  2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

    I like this, it’s very easy to read and I agree with Dee, that is a beautiful Persian cat.

  3. Dee (Florida) says:

    Very nice.
    And, such a beautiful persion.
    I’ve never seen a coat like that.

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