Private Facebook group created to support Luka Magnotta

Luka Magnotta Facebook support group
Luka Magnotta Facebook support group. These are two screenshots to make a montage.
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On December 29, 2012, a private Facebook page was created with Sandra and Nico as admins which gathered 387 members. It is called ‘Failed Scheme to Frame Luka Magnotta‘. It hints at a conspiracy theory. The images on this page are screenshots in case it is deleted by Facebook.

Nico and Sandra are admins
Nico and Sandra are admins. This is a montage of screenshots of the headings on their Facebook pages.

Seven new posts were written ‘today’ and 80 posts were made in the last 30 days so it is active.

As it is private we have no idea what the posts are about but can guess that they are discussing the viral online news story about the Netflix documentary on Luka Magnotta called ‘Don’t F**k With Cats’.

We have to assume that this Facebook group strongly supports Magnotta and that it claims that he is innocent despite the fact that he was imprisoned for life in Canada for the brutal murder of Chinese international student Jun Lin and his dismemberment in May 2012. Beforehand he killed kittens, also in a brutal manner all of which was filmed and uploaded to the internet. The video of the two kittens being suffocated to death in a vacuum bag can be seen on this site by clicking on this link but be warned. Don’t watch it unless you know it won’t hurt you.

The administrators of the group have their own Facebook pages but they are devoid of purpose, about information, posts, videos and photos. Although they both have Facebook friends if that means anything.

Magnotta’s defence is that he is schizophrenic. His defence did not spare him an enormous jail term on conviction.

You can read about Magnotta by clicking on this link.

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