Private Investigator to investigate Sage the cat torture

This is an important and interesting development. Jensen Private Investigations issued an official press release today, August 11, 2017, informing the public that Jason K Jensen, a private investigator and criminologist, has agreed to act for an undisclosed person or persons or organisation and under confidential terms to investigate the death of Sage the cat of Clearfield, Utah.

I am publishing his official press release below. It contains his contact details:

In addition, there is a crowdfunding page to help assist in paying his fees.

“Private Investigator Jason Jensen has agreed to investigate the torture murder of Sage the Cat. However, investigations cost money. Please help if you can.”

Please click on this link: Go Fund Me crowd funding page for private investigator.

Here is a video showing Jason Jensen:

Click on the link to read his interim report on his 2 day investigations:

Jason Jensen provides background investigations report on Sage the Cat torture case


As mentioned, this is an interesting development. This is because the police force has stopped investigating this crime. Therefore in order to keep it moving forwards the involvement of a private investigator gives us hope that justice for Sage is possible and may be achieved.

A lot of people think that the police have not done enough. The perpetrator of the crime was in the house where Sage was tortured. The pool of suspects is quite small. The public feels that it is possible to catch the criminal.

The police have refused to disclose what they have done which is a lack of transparency despite the fact that they are requesting help from the public.

There is a general dissatisfaction with the police force and this development will be welcome. It is not clear who has hired Mr Jensen. I have a feeling that it is members of the Facebook campaign fighting for justice for Sage who have come up with the idea and sought the involvement of a private investigator in order to ensure that the case carries on.

They probably hope that crowdfunding will provide sufficent funding. Please help if you can. If I am correct then well done to them and the private investigator. I am sure that it will please many people. But we should not have unrealistic expectations.

Man living with cat’s owner in family home tortured Sage the cat

My thanks to a certain person for telling me about this development.

27 thoughts on “Private Investigator to investigate Sage the cat torture”


    Welcome to Utah animal abusers. isn’t that the real message. Oh I forgot.. Its just a cat.

    so isn’t that the real message being sent by davis county et al.. and now we have this pi who I agree took it on to make a name for himself… AKA name recognition. So her karma and all of their karma, will seek justice for sage. they will be judge by their own actions back at them.

  2. When it suited her sick need for attention she just could not shut up talking to the media, dont think she gave a damn what she said and if it totally contradicted the last interview as long as she got attention, really sick. Now, when Jensen takes on the case she has fallen off the face of the Earth and has nothing to say. Not even an OJ statement to any media meaning she is going to help find the real killer (sarcasm). No one else find this suspicious? Did she suddenly change into a good person overnight? yeah, right. I cannot be the only one. I think she is being controlled and told keep her mouth shut.

  3. Yes Joanne I am not shutting up when I believe in something until I am proved wrong. As you pointed out there are too many weird things and inconsistencies since day 1 of this case. But no one can bully me into silence because they do not agree with me in America. Complacency, never questioning anything and just blind acceptance will allow animal abusers to keep getting away with their crimes. I cannot bring back Sage but I have to speak out for all animals in honor of Sage and all the murdered animals.

    • I agree too. I will not be bullied either. The more of us that take this stand the better. We are not going away. You and I have shared many accounts. We did our best with that PI… We shared information. It jus seems he doesn’t want to hear what we have to say. I am s tired of trying to figure him out. But one thing he does is give lip service that makes no sense. He refuses to address all the conflicting issues and just issues updates that make no sense or go nowhere.

      Michele, I still question one thing for sure… there was no man living in the house until she posted it and then deleted and then it resurfaced. After that this story took off like wildfire. I realize davis county animal control put something out about the polygraph and some suspect… So why didn’t she post that in the very beginning instead of all those ridiculous accounts of sage finding his way home. Then why didn’t she say there was a man living in their house. After the first account, then finding him in the front yard. Then all those dates he left. I posted early on, before the man in the house, that I didn’t believe Sage ever left the premise. Turns out I was right. And davis animal control has just stopped. What are they all hiding.

      If someone agrees to a polygraph test, wouldn’t it seem reasonable that they were waiving their rights to allow it to be admitted. Or does it mean, now, they know who it is, but since the test isn’t admitted in court, they would have to find other evidence to arrest this person. I believe Sage was slammed into a wall in that house. I believe others know who really did it and are scared to come forward…. And if her idiot story checked out, I would do everything I could if it were my baby to nail this so called man in the house. How many men were living in the house. Well for starters, we had alex and her and…. at the time she claimed sage came home, her sister found him inside the home by the doggie door? So now, we have her sister, her and alex… Who owns the house… Honestly where the hell was Sage found…. inside the house, in the front yard… She posted this and told inside edition the front yard.

      We are all asking questions. And we are not private investigators or detectives. What are they hiding..


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