Private Investigator to investigate Sage the cat torture

This is an important and interesting development. Jensen Private Investigations issued an official press release today, August 11, 2017, informing the public that Jason K Jensen, a private investigator and criminologist, has agreed to act for an undisclosed person or persons or organisation and under confidential terms to investigate the death of Sage the cat of Clearfield, Utah.

I am publishing his official press release below. It contains his contact details:

In addition, there is a crowdfunding page to help assist in paying his fees.

“Private Investigator Jason Jensen has agreed to investigate the torture murder of Sage the Cat. However, investigations cost money. Please help if you can.”

Please click on this link: Go Fund Me crowd funding page for private investigator.

Here is a video showing Jason Jensen:

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Click on the link to read his interim report on his 2 day investigations:


As mentioned, this is an interesting development. This is because the police force has stopped investigating this crime. Therefore in order to keep it moving forwards the involvement of a private investigator gives us hope that justice for Sage is possible and may be achieved.

A lot of people think that the police have not done enough. The perpetrator of the crime was in the house where Sage was tortured. The pool of suspects is quite small. The public feels that it is possible to catch the criminal.

The police have refused to disclose what they have done which is a lack of transparency despite the fact that they are requesting help from the public.

There is a general dissatisfaction with the police force and this development will be welcome. It is not clear who has hired Mr Jensen. I have a feeling that it is members of the Facebook campaign fighting for justice for Sage who have come up with the idea and sought the involvement of a private investigator in order to ensure that the case carries on.

They probably hope that crowdfunding will provide sufficent funding. Please help if you can. If I am correct then well done to them and the private investigator. I am sure that it will please many people. But we should not have unrealistic expectations.

My thanks to a certain person for telling me about this development.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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27 Responses

  1. joanne says:


    Welcome to Utah animal abusers. isn’t that the real message. Oh I forgot.. Its just a cat.

    so isn’t that the real message being sent by davis county et al.. and now we have this pi who I agree took it on to make a name for himself… AKA name recognition. So her karma and all of their karma, will seek justice for sage. they will be judge by their own actions back at them.

  2. Michele Massa says:

    When it suited her sick need for attention she just could not shut up talking to the media, dont think she gave a damn what she said and if it totally contradicted the last interview as long as she got attention, really sick. Now, when Jensen takes on the case she has fallen off the face of the Earth and has nothing to say. Not even an OJ statement to any media meaning she is going to help find the real killer (sarcasm). No one else find this suspicious? Did she suddenly change into a good person overnight? yeah, right. I cannot be the only one. I think she is being controlled and told keep her mouth shut.

  3. Michele Massa says:

    Yes Joanne I am not shutting up when I believe in something until I am proved wrong. As you pointed out there are too many weird things and inconsistencies since day 1 of this case. But no one can bully me into silence because they do not agree with me in America. Complacency, never questioning anything and just blind acceptance will allow animal abusers to keep getting away with their crimes. I cannot bring back Sage but I have to speak out for all animals in honor of Sage and all the murdered animals.

    • joanne says:

      I agree too. I will not be bullied either. The more of us that take this stand the better. We are not going away. You and I have shared many accounts. We did our best with that PI… We shared information. It jus seems he doesn’t want to hear what we have to say. I am s tired of trying to figure him out. But one thing he does is give lip service that makes no sense. He refuses to address all the conflicting issues and just issues updates that make no sense or go nowhere.

      Michele, I still question one thing for sure… there was no man living in the house until she posted it and then deleted and then it resurfaced. After that this story took off like wildfire. I realize davis county animal control put something out about the polygraph and some suspect… So why didn’t she post that in the very beginning instead of all those ridiculous accounts of sage finding his way home. Then why didn’t she say there was a man living in their house. After the first account, then finding him in the front yard. Then all those dates he left. I posted early on, before the man in the house, that I didn’t believe Sage ever left the premise. Turns out I was right. And davis animal control has just stopped. What are they all hiding.

      If someone agrees to a polygraph test, wouldn’t it seem reasonable that they were waiving their rights to allow it to be admitted. Or does it mean, now, they know who it is, but since the test isn’t admitted in court, they would have to find other evidence to arrest this person. I believe Sage was slammed into a wall in that house. I believe others know who really did it and are scared to come forward…. And if her idiot story checked out, I would do everything I could if it were my baby to nail this so called man in the house. How many men were living in the house. Well for starters, we had alex and her and…. at the time she claimed sage came home, her sister found him inside the home by the doggie door? So now, we have her sister, her and alex… Who owns the house… Honestly where the hell was Sage found…. inside the house, in the front yard… She posted this and told inside edition the front yard.

      We are all asking questions. And we are not private investigators or detectives. What are they hiding..

  4. joanne says:

    right on Michele.. We know what happen. My source a vet said they should be investigating the household. I talked with an animal communicator who asked me if I noticed her nails. I said yes to the way they were painted. She told me it may be a fad, but to her it was something evil. She asked me if I noticed her no tears.. Look hard at the video. I did and she was right. She said it was some in the household.

    That is where the evidence (real) points to. And you know what, since that last post that she posted was deleted and then resurfaced, thus began the lie and bs about a man in the household. Why in the beginning did she make up crap about how he got home. That was bs, his brain and skull was smashed in. Then why did she tell inside edition he was found in the front yard. After he was comatose, they began what looked like systematic torture. Was the pink earing hers. None of this makes sense. He was slammed into a wall. Then all that was done to him afterwards, took time. Meanwhile he was already dead. His body, was pretty much gone and shutting down. They left him to die, but then decided they would get lots of attention by taking him to a vet and letting the vet call the cops etc Their behavior is like oh well. She listed herself as an actress on one of her police arrest records. She said he had smoked pot when he was 18. Well he has two police records online and they are in his 20’s.

    Let Jensen come on this site and try to drill any of us who disagree with him. None of them have even considered cat behavior. For those of us who own cats, a cat would do everything to get away and scratch and bite. But because sage was compromised right up front, that couldn’t happen. Then the second cat turns up. Nothing is ever said. Its found in the same area. And the injuries are hushed up. He got away and then was listed as a stray. That’s bs… Like she said in the beginning, they had other animals in the house and they weren’t going to let them out. Maybe, that cat got to scratch one of them too. But the focus was to make it look like a serial animal cat abuser. Its always been about them shifting the focus off them. She sad in the beginning the cat was off doing his thing… Then in the resurface post, they were in another part of the house and wouldn’t have heard sage cry out. They didn’t care enough when sage went missing. Then the dates kept changing. Someone decided to take him to the vet, knowing he wouldn’t make it. She played the part of grieving… So many lies have been told. And then Jensen who isn’t a shrink etc comes along with a line of bs like we are all supposed to believe him. How about when he posted about who the owner of sage was… Now we are supposed to believe it was someone who had it out for the family. After the resurfaced post, we are now supposed to believe the bs about some man. You know, polygraphs are not admitted in court. So why would one be given. And like my neighbor the retired cop said, why would they even give it In this type of case. So now, if they all claim to know who it is, why don’t they tell us. The evidence doesn’t match up to sh!! we are being told.

    And why does Jensen continue to post the nonsense he does. Makes you realize, that many people are the victims of propaganda. They want us to shut up. What they all want is for all of us to stop posting and then all of this will go away. interesting, since those two moved out, no more cats have been found tortured and hurt. Cant anyone see the second cat was not a stray… but that was how Clearfield listed him cause his owner never came to claim him..

    I believe in karma… and karma will always win out. And until my freedom of speech is taken away, I will continue to post. I will keep sages memory sacred… Justice for sage, means to keep his memory alive and show all of them, they are a bunch of whatevers. you can complete the sentence.

    Owners abuse and neglect their animals all the time. I disagree with what Jensen posted about the owners wouldn’t do this out of love. And they don’t have those kind of negative traits. How does he know.. All he does is continue to stick up for all of them… so produce the suspect.. Tell us all how he flunked the polygraph… let us see the results. tell us his name. They have covered their a$$3s well.

    so I say all of us should keep posting…. that is justice for sage.

  5. Michele Massa says:

    Also, OK, you picked this person out. Do you have evidence that will put them at the scene of the crime to get an arrest? I hope so or its meaningless. And if this person pleads the 5th like the last poi and the police state We had ti let him go too, now what? There is nothing so far to think an arrest can be made.

  6. Michele Massa says:

    China Cassel who could not stop talking to the press is a media whore. Three different interviews claiming to be the owner. Who takes a camera crew with them to visit their tortuted pet at the vet? Disgusting and despicable, vomit inducing. Let us not forget wiping away invisible tears with perfectly done nails. Shameless. To top that let us get the crew in to zoom in when we say goodbye to Sage. Sick and demented. This begs the question why was she not leading the charge to get the PI Jensen when he offered 5 months ago since she was so distraught (sarcasm) and in fact it happened 5 months later because the Sage group made it happen? And do not try to silence me on this page, this is not your Sage page.

    • Michael Broad says:

      Michele, you may have read Jensen’s recent update 13 days after he was employed. He has concluded that there is nobody in the “family” who is violent enough to perpetrate the sort of torture that occurred against Sage the cat. Apparently Jensen has picked out somebody who is likely to be the criminal concerned and discussed it with the police and they appear to have agreed with him.

      I don’t know what the word “family” means in this context by the way. Clearly, a boyfriend is not family but perhaps you can shed some light on this. I’m just writing this comment as an update to you in case you have not had time to read the relevant Facebook page.

      • Michele Massa says:

        Why didn’t the police pick out this person and arrest them 5 months ago? Does this say the police missed this person or chose to just drop the ball? I do not know. How many people are there to look at? I do not know. Is this a new person Jensen found? I wish I knew.

        • Michael Broad says:

          I’d like him to be named or at least to know for sure if Sage was attacked inside the house and therefore he was inside the house. That probably is against police policy but I think at this stage it is acceptable.

  7. Michele Massa says:

    Latest update from him on the Sage page is that he talked to police and these sre his words “based on the history” there is a person the police agree with him about this person. This begs the question why didn’t the police arrest that person 5 months ago? Does not compute. If you dare to question or have an opinion that his investigation does not make sense the people on the Sage page “report” you to Mr. Jensen. If I want to be reported for having an opinion and asking questions I will move to a communist country. I left that group in a NY minute after that crap. I dared to post that clearing the family after 2 days based on tbe fact that according to Jensen they do not have violent backgrounds is bull. All it proves is that they never got caught. Would you walk into the police station and state oh by the way I torture and murder animals in my house along with my other crimes. If you disagree with my opinion I dont care and I dont care if you dont like that I question Jensen. I am not in a popularity contest. I am not one of the family’s fan girls like the bullies they are on the Sage site. Bully you and call you a liar so you shut up. I want an arrest in this case, all else is high school meaningless BS to me. Follow the EVIDENCE. What does the EVIDENCE say? He was tortured and murdered in that house.

  8. joanne says:

    finally a great response. Dear Annette, I couldn’t agree more with you and everything you stated.

    Jensen is not a shrink and I would like to know where he was trained to be a profiler. A few years ago, I started feeding a cat. He was hungry and looked bad. I continued to feed him outside.. I started looking for an owner. Did a lot of pi work, but I found his owners. Well let me sum it up… they told me he was outdoors and couldn’t come in the house. they fed him dry food only. Had to stay out in winter. Well, folks, I went over three times. The third time, they told me to f off. and slammed the door in my face. I didn’t react to them. I waited for the cat to come for evening feeding. I grabbed him and brought him in. I took him to my vet. Very sick cat. He had so many problems.. After spending over 1000.00 on him, he has continued to get better. He has asthma now. My vet did a chest xray looking at his lungs and discovered he had a prior injury that had healed. He was kicked in the chest. I took him in. He eats good food and takes tons of supps from my vet. He gets tons of love.. His coat is beautiful now.

    I saw other cases when I lived in texas and called animal control on one neighbor. As it turns out, three other neighbors called on him to. Owners aren’t immuned from doing horrible things to their animals.

    Since those two left and moved to Wyoming, no more cats have been hurt. Is that just a coincidence too. I remember reading in her first post on facebook, she said they had other animals and were going to keep them inside. Then the second cat was found, and the authorities sure kept that quiet. However, I did find out, similar injuries like Sage, but this cat got away. Why isn’t anyone putting the two together. And I continue to ask this… First fb post, she claims he got home somehow and went through the doggie door and collapsed. Inside edition reported she said he was found in the front yard. Then the post that was deleted and surfaced, she claimed a man was no involved. I have a very reliable source who is a vet in Clearfield. The cat based on his black nose and swollen eyes was slammed into a wall. His brain was destroyed and his skull was crushed. Then all the horrible torture took place after he was brain dead. My source said, he didn’t feel much of anything. The infection went through his little body and that was what stopped the heart. My source said, if you saw involuntary movement, that meant nothing. His body was dying. A body will experience involuntary movement, and it means nothing.

    I have another friend who is a vet now retired. He told me about cases of abuse and neglect that brought him and his staff to tears. So perhaps, Jensen should think about what he posts.. His last post assumes we are stupid or naive. I have posted so many things about cat behavior.. appears Jensen should observe more cats.

    People gave reward money hoping the case would be solved. People gave to fund Jensen. And yet, he gives plenty of lip service. He continues to state its not the owners because they don’t show certain traits. LOL… psychopaths and social paths can be very charming people too. with a two day investigation, what can I say…

  9. Annette Luffman-Johnson says:

    I don’t believe for a SECOND that someone can come into an investigation and within only 2 days say that no one in the home could be capable of the Violence involved in Sage’s death!!!Even in Human cases of horrible crimes or homicide, NO ONE IS CLEARED FOR A COLD HARD FACT that soon!!! Police NEVER completely rule out ANYONE.
    Call me crazy all you want, but I have PROOF OF THIS ON MY SIDE!!!!
    I worked in a job years ago that a co-worker was involved in a murder. Well….of course we didn’t believe this sweet, grandmotherly type could POSSIBLY do this!!! Guess what? All the pieces finally fell into place, she went to trial and was found guilty!!! All of us co-workers also were able to piece things together on our own that didn’t make sense, without ever talking to the Police and FBI!!! We had started to second guess her, etc. and our instincts were right.
    Then, I worked ANOTHER JOB, where a double homicide was committed by a co-workers husband. Once again….”No way could he do this”. Things started to unravel in their stories to us friends and needless to say, he is on Death Row. A FRIEND….MY FRIEND. And NO…I DON’T HANG OUT IN CLUBS, LOW LIFE PLACES, DO DRUGS, ETC! LOL. I WORKED IN DENTAL OFFICES!!! ANYONE IS CAPABLE OF ANYTHING AT CERTAIN POINTS IN THEIR LIFE. To this day, I don’t hardly trust a soul completely. I was also an EMS worker, knew many cops….and they all told me that. I have many police officer friends now that tell me that same thing. “ANYONE IS CAPABLE OF ANYTHING AT ANY GIVEN TIME, IF THE CIRCUMSTANCES ARE RIGHT AT A CERTAIN TIME”. And one last tid-bit….I am VERY CLOSE TO A PI, MYSELF…So I know all too well how they work and think….and this man IS WRONG IN HIS QUICK ASSESSMENT.

  10. joanne says:

    anyone who owns cats knows that a cat would fight back before letting anyone torture him. So I believe he was slammed into a wall. he was brain dead at that point. All the other things that were done to him, he didn’t feel. I believe they made it look like torture to cover up what they had done. My source who is very reliable agreed and is also a vet in the Clearfield area. After sage then came cat two. I believe this cat fought back and someone had scratch marks. There is a picture of sage on FB with another cat. In one of chinas post she said they had other animals and weren’t going to let them out So another cat gets tortured and is allowed to live. Why??? Throw a curve ball into the investigation. After those two were gone, gee no more cats are tortured. If the second cat had been murdered, than it couldn’t have escaped etc…

    very much agree with the smallest detail or clue. I have cats. I got one of my kitties to corporate with me. I held him up to the wall just to see if his head (face) would line up to the wall like what happen to sage. It did.. I gave kitty a big huge and kiss for helping me. so the notion of slamming sage into a wall works. There are so many accounts that she has posted. So why so many.. Did she forget what she has posted. Who ever saved the her last post before it was deleted deserves much thanks. And yet no arrest no nothing.

    I am wondering if any of them got some real good leads, if they would be flushed down the toilet as well. I just think based on actions, that none of them want this case solved. The humane society keeps all the money. The PI can justify how hard he worked too.

  11. Jean says:

    Jason Jensen is a highly respected private investigator. This is his exact statement, “Sage Investigation Update: We’ve received numerous tips and inquiries concerning the Sage the Cat torture death. Thank you for your interest. Here is an update. We’ve concluded our background investigations and have ruled out the possibility that anyone inside Sage’s home was responsible for his death. None of them have the violent history that would be consistent with the monster who tortured this feline. The person that did this was extremely angry and wanted to send a message to someone living there. Now to the next stage, we will be scheduling a meeting with Clearfield police investigators. Please stay tuned!” He does not think people are idiots. People should read this statement very carefully, and not jump to conclusions.

    • Michael Broad says:

      Thanks Jean. I had, in fact, updated the page to include a link to another more recent page containing his statement (an interim report). Yes, I agree he is skilled investigator (or so it seems) but the statement goes against almost everyone’s idea of what happened. Either someone in the house killed Sage or somebody who knew Sage’s owners killed Sage and put the cat through the cat flap. It occurred to me that Jason Jensen took up this case to publicise his business because this particular case of cat torture is very high profile and all over the Internet. Am I being cynical?

      • Jean says:

        Jensen Investigations definitely did not take this case to get more publicity. He is professional, thorough, and objective. He is looking at all aspects of the case, with a clear, fresh, and much needed perspective.

  12. Chad says:

    Do not donate any money to Jason – he has no idea what he’s doing and you’re better off using that money to make some flyers or use it for toilet paper.

  13. Michele M says:

    Jensen Investigations posted on the Justice for Sage Neighborhood Watch that he has cleared everyone in the family after 2 days. I am appalled and angry. How could he possibly do that in 2 days? He is treating people who donated to his fund like they are idiots. He claims they don’t have a violent history to abuse animals. Animal abuse isn’t done out in public and discussed by the perpetrator. I am so angry right now and feel very deceived. Many vets have stated that there is no way that Sage ever left that house with the injuries he sustained, let alone crawled home and went through the pet door as his owner claims. Many believe that one of the owners slammed his head into the wall when they got angry about something which is why his nose is black and his face is pushed in. Jensen Investigations should be ashamed of themselves, he cleared all of the suspects in 2 days? OK, so now what? A random maniac went to that neighborhood and knew exactly when and where Sage would be? He really must think people are idiots.

  14. V says:

    Circumstancially, this is a very strong case. Who had opportunity? That creep and if a proper investigation is done they will find everything out about this. The smallest piece of evidence has been what helped solvest the most puzzling cases.

  15. M E King says:

    My impression was it’s known who tortured Sage it’s a matter of putting the proof together and getting a DA to run with it.

    • Michael Broad says:

      Yes, good point ME. That would seem to undermine the purpose of a private investigator. However, I would hope he would be able to find the evidence if it still exists.

      • M E King says:

        More that he has the basic information and just needs to pull the package together. The PI will put the time in that police forces don’t usually have. I believe Sage’s owners know exactly what happened the trick is getting them to talk.

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