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Pro-cat Versus Pro-wildlife — 7 Comments

  1. Yea this annoys me when people say….that should keep cats inside or in one area like our landlord said. Which i could never do. Worse still is that stupid person we got living here garath Morgan wish he find some other cause to support. It upsets me greatly when cats are blamed for birds kills usually its small birds. The domestic cat gets such a hard life when all he or she esp fixed animal wants to live in peace and sleep and be part of a loving family/individual life.

  2. Last week in our local newspaper’s letters page a ‘name and address witheld’ (coward) was having a go at cats, saying they killed birds and owners shouldn’t moan about dogs killing their cats who roamed free. He/she said all cats should be only allowed outside on leads.
    Yes a red rag to a bull, I wrote a reply and the newspaper published it!
    I only wish I’d added that if all cats were prisoners and only allowed out on leads we’d soon be over run by rodents.

    • Thanks Ruth. Nice comment. What can I say. There are some idiots out there. Well done on getting your reply published. It is a battle to get people to be reasonable about the domestic cat.

    • Yea im impressed how you put that in the paper ur very brave. Good on u for standing up to the rights of all cats. its a sad day for the domestic cat

      • Thanks Kylee, a friend calls me a ‘press protestor’ lol but I can never let a chance go by to put idiots in their place. I’m just surprised they printed my letter and no one elses, surely more cat lovers must have written in their defence.

  3. It’s not so many years since the common belief was that you only had to give the cat milk and she would go out and find her own food, farm cats especially weren’t fed, they were expected to hunt for food, and I’m sure it was a rarity for cats to be exclusively housecats too, this is a relatively new idea in England in my opinion. Yes cats hunt and kill birds, mice, rats and rabbits but I think the numbers are greatly exaggerated. I think humans are responsible for far more animal and bird deaths, in the name of “sport”, “conservation” , “pest control” and to eat than all the cats in the country put together could ever be.

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