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It makes me very happy that so many more people in the USA now know the truth that declawing is a cruel, unnecessary, major surgery which ruins many cats lives and that they want to help educate others so that if declawing is not banned it will eventually become very unpopular.

My ultimate hope is for it to be illegal because no cat should ever have to suffer this abuse carried out by vets on behalf of either ignorant or uncaring people.

Ignorance can be excused, but the cold blooded intention to want the declawing of cats to continue whilst knowing the pain and disablement and possible complications they will suffer, can not be excused !

Look at the number of members in these Facebook groups now:

Stop The Declawing Madness 2,533

Paws With Claws Say No To Declawing 2,110

Pro Claw Do Not Declaw 1,117

Declawing Veterinarians Should Be blacklisted 1087

Cats Against Declawing 924

Ban Declawing 220

Declawing your pet is inhumane 191

Ban The Declawing of Cats in The USA 173

Stop Declawing Cats 165

The International Coalition Against Declawing 68

Educate Don’t Mutilate 57

Total 8645

and Declawing Cripples My Paws who educates tirelessly on her Facebook page has 3149 friends!

Total those and you get 11,794 against declawing.

You may say that some people are members of more than one group, well even so I’d like to bet that over TEN THOUSAND people are anti declaw on Facebook alone.

I help admin some of those groups and every day there are more people asking to join.

Then we have other sites, our very own favourite POC here of course being one of them which has many anti declaw regulars and visitors.

For a while our quest seemed hopeless but it seems worthwhile again now with so many more anti declaw people coming along and many Rescue Shelters having adoptees sign ‘no declaw contracts’.

Some UK ‘troops’ have lost heart, especially after the poor turn out at the recent Demonstration at St Louis, but maybe they will rejoin the battle now that it doesn’t seem so hopeless.

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Sep 10, 2011 Still growing !
by: Ruth

We have 128 more members in our groups since I wrote this article !!

Aug 23, 2011 Declawing means unarming for cats
by: Bob Catt

It’s absolutely inhumane to declaw cats. For one thing, if you do you take away their principal means of self-defense. This is especially important to Mooch, our little black-and-white feral cat who lives permanently on our veranda.!/Moochkitty

Aug 16, 2011 That is good news
by: Anonymous

Roll on the day no more cats have to suffer this disgraceful inhumane treatment.
Any doctor who declaws should be struck off and anyone who takes a cat to be declawed should be banned from ever having a cat again.

Aug 16, 2011 And I Helped
by: Furby

Stupid vets!I’ll make them crawl under their evil tables and when they look up to see if I’m still there, WHACK, off come the ends of their fingers!

Aug 16, 2011 Declawing is dying!
by: Maggie

What wonderful figures! I’ve also found that most Americans I speak to are against declawing. Which is really wonderful! A good American friend even said to me that she would never go to a vet who declaws! And, to be honest, I can’t blame her. I would never in a million years trust a vet, who mutilates animals for money, with my animals!

Aug 15, 2011 The tide is turning
by: Michele S

Wow, those are really encouraging figures. I’m pretty confident that everyone of those people signed up to Facebook in opposition to declawing have spread the word to at least 10 people in person. In turn those people will also have told others.

It’s through this trickle of information that the majority of the public will eventually become aware of the truth about declawing. The sooner people start refusing to allow vets to declaw their pets, the sooner this cruelty will end.

Aug 15, 2011 Yes the tide is turning
by: Rose

I’ve missed your clever posters Ruth.
Yes the tide is turning,not quickly enough for the cats still suffering this cruelty nor the ones yet to suffer,but slowly declawing is being seen now for the dreadful needless mutilation of cats which it is.
I must admit I wondered if it was worth battling on after the failure of the 400+ who signed up to attend the protest.
But we have to battle on,
for the sake of the cats who have no way of battling for themselves.
One day it WILL be banned!

Aug 15, 2011 enlightenment
by: pammy marshall

In this day and age, people are educated enough to know right from wrong. How can any intelligent person even think that de-clawing a cat is right????? It is selfish and cruel of the owner, and a life changing, painful and utterly cruel fate for any cat! how can any owner even think about de-clawing? If furniture etc., is so important to s human being, then they should not even think about buying a cat.
Cats are beautiful,intelligent and loving.
Cats should be treated with love and respect. The love they will give back is so wonderful.
Why isn’t it a global law NOT to de-claw these beautiful creatures who are heaven sent?
Thank you Ruthy for your wonderful poster.
I hope the day comes very soon when de-clawing is banned…and that will largely be because you and Babz have worked so hard to make this happen!!!
Bless you both xxx

Aug 15, 2011 We will win in the end
by: Barbara

Thank you Ruth for another brilliant poster and for such a cheering rally call, I believe you are right and although there is still a long way to go I do think the tide is turning and eventually declawing will become the exception rather than the rule in the USA. There also seems to be more publicity of the fact that landlords cannot force tenants to mutilate their cats, for which Declawing Crippled My Paws deserves a lot of kudos, I know she finds her work very distressing but I also know she will not give up the fight. And neither will you Ruth nor Michael and to a lesser extent me, we will see it through along with those ten thousand plus other people who really care about cats, one of these days we WILL WIN.

Barbara avatar

Aug 14, 2011 Thanks
by: Michael

Thanks Ruth. The fight will go on. The demo didn’t work out. That battle was lost but the war will be won. And you and I, and many others, will do their bit.

I sense a slight change in attitude. There are certainly more web pages on the internet that reject declawing and argue against it. That is probably a sign.

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