Pro Declaws On The Defensive

It seems that people who think declawing is acceptable are starting to panic, they don’t want to give up the easy way out to protect their revered furniture. It’s so convenient for them to be able to take their kitten to the vet and have him declawed. It can be done as young as 2 months of age before the kitten even has chance to learn ‘claw manners’. It is more important to some people than neutering, they can’t wait to see those little kittens rendered defenceless, their essential toe ends and claws thrown in the trash and forgotten.

Pro-declaw people are on the defense
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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Of course the declawing vets love that, they can amputate those tiny toe ends and ring more dollars up in their tills by doing so.
But they are never forgotten by the kitten. Cats are unable to live a fulfilled healthy life without them.

As that kitten grows into a cat he misses them, of course he does, his instinct is to scratch to stretch his muscles, but he only has stubs for toes, stubs that can’t dig in, can’t exercise properly, can’t grab a toy to play.

He has to walk differently to the way a cat should walk and he has to jump carefully, in fact he has to learn to live his life as a disabled cat. Deliberately disabled!


‘Declawing is best done when the cat is young’ declaw vets and pro declaws say ‘it’s far better than waiting until he has grown up and then having him declawed’

But why have him declawed at all? Why not teach him to use a scratching post? It’s very easy. Why do people have a cat at all if they don’t like that they come with claws? What will those people do when declawing is banned? Loving cats means loving every part of them, claws included.


Some pro declaw people refuse to be educated, they think they know better than the Paw Project vets who through scientific studies are finding evidence that all declawed cats suffer. Those people insist there is a ‘new’ way to declaw that doesn’t amputate the cat’s toe ends, it ‘only’ removes the nail and nail bed. Even when it’s pointed out to them that the nail bed is actually bone, they deny it! Those people with no veterinary training think they know better than the Paw Project vets and those of us who have deeply researched declawing for many years.

Why are they so passionate to accept and even promote this cruel surgery? Why do they insult and curse those of us who try to point out the truth to them?

It may have been part of the culture of the USA just as hunting with dogs was part of our UK culture, but that didn’t make it right. It didn’t make it humane, why can’t everyone see that this particular culture is wrong and want to change it?

It used to upset me when people insulted me and called me every sort of name they could dredge up, one pro declaw recently even called me vile! Vile for trying to educate her about the truth of declawing!

Well it doesn’t upset me any more when people insult and curse me, because it shows that they have taken my words to heart and are on the defensive. By dredging up insults it proves they know they are in the wrong but don’t want to admit it.

What a sorry state of affairs it is when they are against us trying to stop cruelty to cats. I can’t believe anyone who says they are a cat lover can go on denying declawing is cruel once they know the true facts.

Are they cold hearted or are they fools?

They most certainly don’t love cats as we anti declaws do!

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

33 thoughts on “Pro Declaws On The Defensive”

  1. Well I’ve never herald of it done before, why would you anyway.I’ve never experienced doing that. I Haven’t seen it in other cats here in NZ. Yes i think NZ alot Similar to UK/Aust. The only time I ever herald Of declawing is on here. I’ve had Cats since i was 5 Yrs Old and never in my life have I had to even think of De-clawing.

    • I wouldn’t have believed it could happen until I saw it on the net, still can’t get my head round it or the use of those claw covers either, they look really uncomfortable to me. What is so scary about American claws I wonder?

      • Americans seem to look upon claws as lethal weapons or at the very least as a nuiscance and not as the beautiful parts of the cat they really are, I can’t understand why either.

      • I guess for me it just seems so unnatural, and just leave the Cat the way it is. Even seeing different colors on the cat nails. Cats need their claws, for how would they defend themselves if they were caught in an attack with a dog etc.

        • Surely just like declawed cats, those wearing those things should never be let outside either. I think that’s the crux of the matter Kylee, it was when keeping cats strictly indoors started that people started worriting about their claws harming their precious furniture. A lot of pro declaws still say indoor cats don’t need claws and as we know, that is totally untrue!
          Declawing should never have been invented, cats should be accepted as they are, claws and all.

          • Exactly Ruth, I was horrified that anyone would even think about it. I mean my little feisty kitten loves climbing up my legs and boy does it hurt. I Prefer her to have all her Claws. I watch Jasmine and Ozzie run up a tree we have here. They basically run up this tree so fast then when they come down they use their claws and go backwards. I must do a video sometime when they do this, as its Quite amazing.

        • I hate to see them and I hate coloured ones where people say oh my kitty loves these and go on about fashion and matching, for goodness sake it’s like forcing rubber gloves onto someone to live with every day, they must feel horrible to the cat.

    • Yes it’s unthinkable to us too! I thought the only time I’d ever hear of it in my life was when a client asked a vet I worked for to do it and was refused. So when I came across it happening almost routinely in the USA I could hardly believe it, I still can’t come to terms with it even after educating about it for around 6 years. It is such a cruel thing to do to a cat!


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