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  1. Well I’ve never herald of it done before, why would you anyway.I’ve never experienced doing that. I Haven’t seen it in other cats here in NZ. Yes i think NZ alot Similar to UK/Aust. The only time I ever herald Of declawing is on here. I’ve had Cats since i was 5 Yrs Old and never in my life have I had to even think of De-clawing.

    • I wouldn’t have believed it could happen until I saw it on the net, still can’t get my head round it or the use of those claw covers either, they look really uncomfortable to me. What is so scary about American claws I wonder?

      • Americans seem to look upon claws as lethal weapons or at the very least as a nuiscance and not as the beautiful parts of the cat they really are, I can’t understand why either.

      • I guess for me it just seems so unnatural, and just leave the Cat the way it is. Even seeing different colors on the cat nails. Cats need their claws, for how would they defend themselves if they were caught in an attack with a dog etc.

        • Surely just like declawed cats, those wearing those things should never be let outside either. I think that’s the crux of the matter Kylee, it was when keeping cats strictly indoors started that people started worriting about their claws harming their precious furniture. A lot of pro declaws still say indoor cats don’t need claws and as we know, that is totally untrue!
          Declawing should never have been invented, cats should be accepted as they are, claws and all.

          • Exactly Ruth, I was horrified that anyone would even think about it. I mean my little feisty kitten loves climbing up my legs and boy does it hurt. I Prefer her to have all her Claws. I watch Jasmine and Ozzie run up a tree we have here. They basically run up this tree so fast then when they come down they use their claws and go backwards. I must do a video sometime when they do this, as its Quite amazing.

        • I hate to see them and I hate coloured ones where people say oh my kitty loves these and go on about fashion and matching, for goodness sake it’s like forcing rubber gloves onto someone to live with every day, they must feel horrible to the cat.

    • Yes it’s unthinkable to us too! I thought the only time I’d ever hear of it in my life was when a client asked a vet I worked for to do it and was refused. So when I came across it happening almost routinely in the USA I could hardly believe it, I still can’t come to terms with it even after educating about it for around 6 years. It is such a cruel thing to do to a cat!

  2. Yes i agree Cats need to be cats. As I’ve said before, and I will say again dont understand why people declaw Cats, Leave them alone. I understand that people might not be aware of the situition. Good though tht the Vet encourged against it, word must be getting around. I dont really like the Caps either but I guess its better than the alternative.

    • Kylee do people use claw covers in NZ? I don’t think so but I could be wrong, as I think your country is more like ours where cats are allowed to be cats and live their life as natural to a cat as possible.

  3. The cat has red nails to match its owners red nails. This is a ridiculous photo of a cat taken by its ridiculous owner. Why do people adopt cats when they won’t let the cats be themselves? Some people are such control freaks.

      • No species should have such power over any other species, we human beings think we are so wonderful giving a cat a home, but in reality our cats pay a huge price for their home, we control their lives.
        However, true cat lovers put themselves in their cat’s place and think what’s best for them, not for us. We can’t turn the clock back and undomesticate cats but we should make their lives as happy and natural and fulfilled as we possibly can.

    • AussieSusan I like you! How I agree, why don’t people let cats be cats? Why declaw them, why force covers onto their claws, why dress them up in peoples clothes, why exploit them to make money!
      OK claw caps are better than amputation but why oh why do people get cats if they don’t like them doing what cats do.

  4. I’ve had cats my whole life and I’ve never had one declawed. I didn’t know enough about declawing to have a real opinion until I heard of The Paw Project, but the procedure always seemed not-so-good to me. I’m proud to say that my little critters have never had anything taken away from them by a human (except when I have to take my jewelry or socks out of their mouths) and they never will. I don’t care what they destroy with their teeth or claws, so long as they don’t choke on the pieces or hurt themselves.

    • Well said Sara. you say the sort of things that we do. We believe there is never any reason or justification to declaw a cat and anybody who says something to the contrary is wrong 😉

    • Good on you Sara! You didn’t know enough about declawing but instinctively knew it was wrong! That’s just how we feel in the UK, even people who don’t particularly like cats shudder with shock and horror at the very thought of it. For the life of me I can’t understand why anyone would want their cat’s claws taken away, why do people get a cat if they don’t like claws?

  5. Yes once backed into a corner by information on just how cruel and unnecessary and devastating to a cat declawing is the pro declaws usually resort to verbal attack and insults, it’s just a shame that even as we speak and even as people are starting to wake up to the truth about declawing it is STILL happening, still being discounted still being recommended by immoral vets who should know better. The thing is there IS no excuse, no justification, no exceptional circumstances, nothing in favour of declawing so they don’t have a reasonable argument to put forward.

    • Yes pro declaws must know they are in the wrong, it really puzzles me why anyone would want to put a cat through such cruel major surgery. Well when declawing is banned we will see who the true cat lovers are, everyone will have to accept that cats come with claws or go without the pleasure of their company.

  6. I have had declawed cats in the past. But I didn’t know any better. I was led to believe that it was a safe surgical procedure by my old vet. I won’t be ignorant and say my two declawed cats never suffered. Because I can’t say that for sure. They couldn’t speak to me and tell me how they felt. My peace of mind comes from the fact they lived into their teens and while they were alive they appeared to be happy. I showered them with love and gave them the best home I possibly could. Now I have new cats and I was considering declawing them when they were kittens. But the new vet I go to was actually honest about the surgery and told me it wasn’t the best procedure for them. He suggested I get “nail caps”. Best invention ever! But even if I stopped using the nail caps. I would NEVER declaw a cat again!. Not after seeing the documentary “The Paw Project” on Netflix.
    Here’s a pic of my Dinah with her claw caps on. Red, to match my own. Reason I use them on the back paws as well is because she’s very clumsy (possibly can’t balance correctly cuz of her bob tail) and a bad jumper, she was always scratching my legs when she would jump on to my lap.

    • So does Dinah have to keep her front claws out all the time with those covers on? I always think they look as though they stop cats from retracting their claws as the sheaths fit very snugly round the claws. I wonder if the claw covers contribute to her clumsiness?

      • Strange to us in the UK who just accept cats have claws and don’t mind a few scratches when kittens are learning ‘claw manners’
        Better than declawing of course but it does seem un-natural to me to force covers onto claws, I worry how cats wearing them can dig in their claws to stretch their muscles as they need to, to stay healthy.
        I often wonder why Americans are so frightened of claws.

      • She was clumsy before the nail caps. Like I mentioned before. It might be because of the lack of a straight long tail. Which is what cats primarily use for balance. Dinah still jumps, runs and plays with the Nail caps on. She still scratches the rug and her scratching post as before. Dinah doesn’t seemed bothered by them. The biggest difference now is that if she jumps on me, I won’t get scratched. I have highly sensitive skin that easily gets infected and breaks out in rashes. I still have two scars on my thighs from scratches that had gotten red and inflamed (heal with Bacitracin). With my two girls, nail caps wasn’t about the couch because they’ve always preferred scratching the area rugs. I never minded that because I always get tired of those things and usually buy new ones anyway. But no matter what, I love cats and am no longer pro declaw.

  7. People who support declawing don’t like to be told that they are wrong. That said, these days, nobody likes being told that they are wrong. However, pro-declawers certainly hate it. They are very intransigent in their views and convinced that what they are doing is okay.

    In my opinion, they are in denial because it does not take much common sense and insight to realise that declawing cats is wrong. It is common sense.

    The defence that pro-declawers put up is feeble. It does not hold water. Their arguments can be shot down with the greatest of ease because declawing cats is wrong and therefore it is not difficult to argue against people who support it.

    But then as you say, Ruth, when they get boxed into a corner they start to insult people which as we know is a sure sign that their argument has failed.

    • Ignorance can be excuse but cruelty can not! The people who still argue that declawing isn’t cruel even after they know the truth that it’s ten amputations make me very annoyed as do the ones who think they know better than the Paw Project vets.
      Do they think we do this educating for pleasure? I certainly don’t, it breaks my heart even thinking about cats suffering this abuse, let alone writing about it.

      • It is heart-wrenching to know there are pro declaw individuals in this world. And to know vets only do this to pad their wallets is a disgrace to veterinary medicine! I feel such shame having had my eldest cat declawed as a kitten, but take full responsibility for not knowing or researching. Mollie Ann is like a kitten, in many ways, again. It is hard, even with two declawed cats and one fully clawed cat, to explain the differences in their abilities. The fully clawed cat stretches more often on a scratching post where the declawed cats do not get that stretch. It is a fool who called you vile for educating them.

        • Thanks Tina, declawed cats being unable to dig their claws in to stretch their muscles is why so many develop painful arthritis, but of course the declawing vets won’t admit that, they just cash in on medication for their pain. That’s just the cats who are taken to see a vet, most hide their pain, I wonder how many declawed cats have suffered in silence. It doesn’t bear thinking about and how pro declaws deny their cat probably has problems and won’t take them to be checked out like you did.

          • About 2 months before I found Maggie, I adopted a black/white kitty who had been declawed (she was 17 months at the time). I knew something was wrong with her just through her meow. The vet kept telling me it was a food issue and her tummy was bugging her so change her food. Goodness the times I changed their food! Maggie would get fatter on the rabbit flavor food so had to feed them separately. Finally saw her limping one day and got her into the vet. He xrayed her paw and said he couldn’t see anything so sent the xrays to Denver, Co to a teaching school. Came back as nothing so the vet recommended he take off the next knuckle, which sent me into shock! It was then, probably 2008, I began doing research. I let him do it and she seemed better. One night she just turned mean, the vet put her on sedation medication (I didn’t like that) so I opted to put her out of her pain. I miss her dearly and know Dr. Doub could have helped her. It was then, about 3 months later, Mollie Ann needed a loving home so I took her in. I cannot believe the vets around here who are in total denial that declawing is destroying a cats life!! It just makes me sick!

            • What a terrible and sad story Tina! No wonder you are now so determined to educate and try to stop other cats suffering from declawing.
              Poor little Maggie.
              Yes I’m sure Dr Doub would have come up with a solution to help her, amputating another knuckle must have made her pain even worse.
              Yes it’s incredible that the vets are in denial!
              Have you seen this that Michael wrote? It’s good news that an AVMA is speaking out and shaming his colleagues:
              I do think declawing will be history one day but not soon enough for cats doomed to suffer it until it is.
              We must keep on educating!

              • Sometimes I do not sound clear. It was Tozi black/white cat who turned mad because of her declaw and extra knuckle nip, I put down. Maggie is doing well (gray tabby), Mollie Ann (Siamese) is on meds and doing well, Charlie is the only one with all her toes intact!! I wish more AVMA would shame their colleagues here!!! I pray every day it is closer to being illegal!!

              • Sorry Tina, I misread your comment. Poor little Tozi. You’ve had some really eye opening experiences with declawed cats, no wonder you are so passionate about educating people, keep up the good work, we in the UK are with you all the way, one day declawing WILL be banned!

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