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Problem behavior in cats. What does it mean? — 2 Comments

  1. If Jet had landed in another home after the rescue either didn’t bother carrying out a behavioural assessment, or just blatantly lied about Jet’s fear aggression with cats and people, I have no doubt he would have been sent back pronto to the stinking cage he was in at the rescue or been shunted to the vet for killing. Worse, the new guardian may have retaliated and injured one very badly traumatised little cat.

    Jet has bitten us all (quite deeply often) scratched us all and not once have we got cross about it, each time it has been our failure to notice a fear signal from him. It has been “bad” or the “wrong” behaviour from us, his humans.

    No such thing as bad cat behaviour, just humans who do not understand what particular behaviour means and don’t provide the environment the cat needs to flourish.

    Given time, space, love Jet is still learning that he is safe here. It may take forever, but we won’t give up on him.

  2. The only problem I have with my cats is the occasional spat over a bed or a spot on the carpet. Since 6 of my cats are feral and 2 badly abused, they come to me and holler if breakfast or dinner is very late, somebody stepped on sombody’s toes regarding territory, they hear (or feel) the approach of a strange vehicle, or someone is trespassing (human or a creature w/ 4legs).

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