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Processed food is bad for humans but we almost always feed cats processed food — 1 Comment

  1. The only caveat is some are less processed than others and some have limited ingredients.
    Going back to work and not being here to mop up put out and regulate their diet meant I had to find options. All of them enjoy access to high quality freeze dried left like kibble. I do remove what little may be left at the end of the day for disposal. Because my cats are all avid water drinkers especially since I started leaving a tap dripping all the time I have had no issues with not hydrating it. I am constantly looking for better foods that my cats will eat. Often when researching the next best thing I am disappointed to see the same crap ingredients I have done my best to eliminate.
    I am also a vocal opponent of cat food shaming. I have seen it over and over on fB and blogs and forums. If you are giving a cat a home and all you can buy is a bag of friskies them bless you for taking in the homeless.
    If you want to help a cat and an owner I suggest taking a reasonably priced bag or cans of grocery store type cat food to your senior center. This is most likely what the recipients of Meals on Wheels are already feeding their cats. The people here who deliver are very good about knowing who needs that extra bag of cat food to relieve the worry about not being able to feed their companion animal.

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