Proof Needed That Kristen Lindsey Killed The Cat In Texas!

I’ll keep this brief as some people will be sick to the back teeth of Kristen Lindsey (I won’t blame them) and I don’t want to overdo it but it is interesting and frankly bizarre but I can see what the District Attorney (DA) is saying.

Wyoming and Texas map

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In a news release obtained by the Houston Chronicle, the DA said:

“Without more information, the State lacks proof that this incident even occurred in the state of Texas.”

This extremely negative statement was made even though the infamous photo of Kristen Lindsey was taken by her mother and her mother, father and herself live in Brenham, Texas. There is an admission under the photo that the killing happened in the “yard”. That implies the yard of the home owned by the Lindeys in Brenham but it might not be.

Also no one has interviewed the Lindseys under oath to simply ask them where the damn photo was taken.

That said, theoretically, the photo could have been taken in Wyoming as there is no evidence on the photo as to location. Apparently Kristen Lindsey is “native” to Wyoming. I guess that means she has roots there and was born there. I am not sure. But she may have connections in Wyoming and was visiting. This is what the DA is implying.

Wyoming is a hunter’s paradise and, of critical importance, it is legal to hunt domestic stray cats anytime of the year and without a license because they are predators and a list of predators is specified by the Wyoming Game and Fish Dept. This is categorically not my kind of place to live!

“Predatory Animals: In Wyoming, several species are legally classified as predatory animals. These are coyote, red fox, raccoon, porcupine, skunk, jackrabbit and stray domestic cat. These species may be hunted or trapped without a license and there is no closed season.”

So we have to prove that the infamous photo of Lindsey holding up the dead cat, using the arrow through his head, was taken in Texas so that the alleged crime falls within the jurisdiction of the Texas legal system.

Where there third party witnesses by which I mean did someone else other than the Lindsey’s see what happened?

I occurs to me that that the authorities just don’t want to prosecute and they’ll manufacture or find reasons why they can’t.

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  1. One correction: Kristen Lindsey’s parents do reside in Wyoming, not Texas. However, they were visiting Lindsey in Texas when the “incident” occurred. This is readily verified by the attached Facebook post, published by Lindsey herself less than 24 hours before she killed Tiger. It strains credulity to think that her parents arrived in Texas on Tuesday evening, and the entire family madly drove back to Wyoming so Lindsey could indulge in a little legal cat hunting the following day.

    • Thanks Betsy. You are right. The DA’s attitude indicates a lack of interest or worse: a deliberate attempt to bury the case.

  2. Michael_Yes you are correct, and though I have no prejudice against dogs [ My father raised purebred German Shepherds. I remember that dogs in general , if left to fend for themselves are extremely dangerous, even more if they join a pack.The leader scavenges for dead or live game and they go on a feeding frenzy. We can all go online and see what a pack of wild dogs can do. Even one bad apple can and has attacked killed an innocent child. This has been tolerated by simply doing nothing to stop these brutal attacks, until someone has been hurt.

  3. Well-if the domestic or feral stray is a predatory threat and legal to take down; why not add the occasional stray dog or dog pack [ which are related to wolves on the list?

    Kristen and her advocates are pulling out all the tricks on this one.

    • That’s a nice point, Eva. Dogs are not listed a predators in Wyoming as far as I can tell. It is the usual bias.

  4. No surprise here. I’ve worked in law offices and they can find the flimsiest loopholes to weasel out of things. The screencaps of Lindsey holding her kill don’t count. I would imagine they could always claim the photo was photoshopped and they need direct proof, which isn’t coming because she deleted her FB page, or where ever this atrocity was posted.

    You’re right, Michael. They don’t want to prosecute. Some excuse is better than none at all.

  5. Again, we’re talking about Texas – drink beer, whoop ass, kill whatever moves.
    Being said, I don’t see a positive resolve in this case.
    Texas want to secede and become their own country. I hope they do so we can pound them into the ground.

    • Dee, some of the Texans are already upset because they claim that U.S. Special Operations Forces are going to ‘take over’ the state during 2015. Gee, paranoid much? Anyway, that would be a fight they couldn’t win.

      I don’t see a positive resolution to this case either.

    • Florida is better? Not if you read the news.

      And Michael: how do you know this is true? I have seen nothing to support this. “Also no one has interviewed the Lindseys under oath to simply ask them where the damn photo was taken.”

          • Not meaning to offend…
            I spent some time in Texas too and couldn’t wait to come home.
            There was the stench of BBQ’d animals nearly everywhere. Apparently, they have something called “brisket” that puts them into orgasm. I saw laughable cowboy hats and spurs. I saw many guns. I saw beer, vodka, and rum consumed in the streets (jail worthy here). Even though I had been warned about Texas chili, the inch of floating fat would be enough to turn any stomach.
            Regardless of all that, they continue to be the state with the highest execution rate. They don’t provide public defender services for the accused. Trials, therefore, are unfair and not in line with our laws. At least, 31% of those executed were later proven to be innocent.
            They make their own rules and need to get out of our country.

            • Of course they provide Public Defenders as required by the Supreme Court in Gideon v Wainwright 372 U.S. 335 (1963). The State even funds the system unlike in some states where they are funded only by counties. Unless the case is in Philadelphia, though, having a Public Defender may be little better than having no attorney at all. What is your source for the 31% statistic please?

            • ok dear..and the next time a hurrican hits… me and the last 500+ volunteers from texas and oklahoma will just stay home an have some “brisket and beer”… wouldnt want to cone back down there to bring supplies and rebuild houses for free now would we….after all I am only a Vetran, married to a disabled Vetran that run an Animal Rescue …. but we will certainly stay here and “be AWAY fron the good UNJUDGEMENTAL, Folks , Like yourself, in Florida


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