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Proof that foxes are not bothered with adult domestic cats — 3 Comments

  1. The two in the picture must be friends. In my area, foxes will come up to your door to try and catch a cat. We have one hanging around our carport hoping to get a chance to grab one of our cats. They are extremely unhappy with me for not letting them visit the yard.

    • Wow, I’d like to hear more about that. I don’t mind you arguing against me. It is good. Perhaps the American foxes are larger.

      • The one I saw leaving my carport looked taller than my 15-lb cat. He appeared to be larger than the one in the picture above. He left too quickly for me to get a really good look at him. He was grey-ish in color and also very long. He looked very able to grab a cat and win the fight.

        A few years ago, we had a beautiful red fox. He never seemed to be a threat, although I didn’t take any chances. I mostly saw him at a distance from the house. The following year, someone in the area bragged about shooting a red fox and I never saw him again. I suppose they were the same fox. πŸ™

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