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Proof that humankind can cooperate and think long term — 16 Comments

  1. I believe that, when the end comes, it comes.

    There will be no amount of hidden away seeds that will save the world or its residents. It will, simply, implode. No survivors.

    We are only borrowers of this planet. We were entrusted with its preservation, by whatever power, and we have failed. We have done everything we could do to destroy what is most important in the name of progress.

  2. The human race can not survive if we go on as we are now, using, abusing and eating animals, poisoning birds, fish and insects, wiping out whole species by our selfishness and greed.
    When the end comes, no matter how well prepared those people think they are, growing seeds etc, they will die too, no exceptions!
    Humans will have to evolve from the lowest form of life all over again and hopefully get it right next time.
    I am ashamed to be a human on this planet which could be so wonderful if everyone opened their eyes and realised how it could and should be.
    But sadly that won’t happen 🙁 so we are all doomed.

    • We share our disillusionment with humankind. I think you think worse of humankind than me even 😉 I feel there is some hope. Humans need to be pushed. It is sad that we will take the domestic cat with us to Armageddon!

      • I feel sad that the good people will suffer because of the bad and no matter what we do we can’t wipe out the evil they do.

  3. If you examine

    Freud’s viewpoint against Jung’s, at least as far as narcissism is concerned, you might undertake a slight lean towards Jung! [always my favorite!]

  4. To what do you attribute N.Korea’s interest? 😉

    My thinking is that the people and gov’t. would love to participate…

    • The people would love to join the international world. The N. Korean government just want to keep their people in the dark about their awful lives. It keeps the gov. in power. If enough N. Koreans knew how bad it was they’d start a revolution.

  5. wow, Michael, the third paragraph befriended me, so that I did not get through the rest.
    Our almost friend, North Korea, is willing to do the rest–I LOVE IT! I am willing…are you? <3 <3<3<3…

      • I am not quite yet ,but I an working on it.I am having cheezy spegghitti for lunch.I d ont miss the meat.I still have cheese and milk and eggs.I don t think i will ever make a vegan.

        • Me neither, I’m too old, if I was young I’d definately go vegan, but to give up butter and cheese and chocolate at my age I’d have to be a saint and sadly I’m not 🙁

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