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Prosecuting Walter Palmer Under US Law — 5 Comments

  1. What strange strange values you have and promote to the world. You’re all in an uproar about a lion being shot to death, but think nothing of the thousands of others of big-cats that you openly kill with all your free-roaming domesticated cats worldwide. Puma, Mountain-Lions, Endangered Florida Panthers, Ocelots, Cheetas, etc., etc.

    http : / / www . thenational . ae / news / uae-news / big-cat-owners-warned-to-keep-them-acres-away-from-feral-strays

    I bet you won’t even post this. You don’t want to be seen as the cat-loving hypocrites that you truly are, do you? No, we can’t have that. Even if it means that thousands of more native cats are going to die today because of what YOU do and willingly choose to do in life. 🙂 Their deaths are worth it, aren’t they, just so you don’t have to tell anyone what you really do to all other cats on the planet.

    But that’s okay, everyone else can see you for what you truly are. We’re just waiting for you to admit it to yourself. 🙂

    • Woody, you always look at information through the distorted lens of you biased mind. First, the article you refer to has no data. It is just a reporter stating the obvious namely that cats of any species can pass on infectious diseases to other cats. The same can said about humans to humans and from big cats to feral cats. It works in all ways. You ignore that. Secondly, you ignore the bigger issues namely that these rich Dubai people collect big cats as pets and treat them very badly. Many are malnourished and die prematurely and they are smuggled in to the country illegally in contravention of CITES. Wake up Woody and try and reprogram your sadly cracked mind.

      Finally, your comment is off-topic but I have been kind enough to publish it to shut you up.

  2. I continue to search for and read related statements, some of which I find very thoughtful in describing the mind of the trophy hunter, the extreme outrage against this heinous act,the potential long range benefit of worldwide exposure, possible punishments, including Palmer getting off because of his wealth. Look at the cases of murderers who have been freed because of their ability to pay people off. I believe the truth of the saying “everyone has their price”.

    Even if he’s free, he will always be a hated man, subject to torment and even torture by those willing to inflict it, even at the cost of their own freedom.

    • I think in his case people won’t forget. The story is too big but often these stories fade away and become history and the perpetrator carries on as usual at the end of the day.

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