Protect Constitutional Property Rights of Animal Owners

Protect Constitutional Property Rights of Animal Owners

Stray Cat - photo by paolo màrgari

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Stray Cat - photo by paolo màrgari

There is a website called, which has a post by someone who declares that in America there is a need to protect property rights of animal owners.

He argues that these rights are being eroded by HSUS at other animal welfare organizations. He argues that HSUS is driven by a desire to break the human/animal bond.

Well, I have to strongly disagree. And I disagree with the title he gave his article. The idea of "property rights" over animals give us a strong clue as to the kind of person he is. The phrase, "property rights" indicates that we have rights over animals as if they are "property" in a legal sense (i.e. inanimate objects). There has to be a difference between companion animals and farm livestock, surely? It could be argued that we own livestock. Livestock are bred for commercial gain and food etc.

But, it seems to me that we can never treat companion animals as if we own them; we live with them. We are or should be equal to them. Yes, under the law we do own our cats but under commonsense and decency we live with domestic cats and that is the only arrangement and mentality that can work.

So, the idea of constitutional property rights in animal owners is the kind of mentality that HSUS rejects in the interest of the animal as it can breed contempt for the animal.It fosters the potential for lack of respect for fellow creatures. It places us above all animals and this engenders the wrong attitude, one in which we are liable to hurt animals and use and abuse them.

People will find HSUS difficult because arrogant human is blind to his arrogance and ignorance. Don't get me wrong though, HSUS are not necessarily perfect but they are a voice for animals that have no voice and they are organized.

It seems the world is divided on the concept of animal welfare. But as long as a person thinks he/she has constitutional property rights over animals and owns companion animals there will be a need for HSUS to correct the balance and protect animals.

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