Protecting Cats and Dogs in Californian Rental Housing

by Michael

I am reporting on another attempt to introduce new legislation (law) in California that prohibits landlords insisting on cats being declawed before the cat’s owner can rent accomodation.

The state senator who has introduced a new bill (draft law before it becomes actual law) is Senator Fran Pavley. A little while ago I wrote about what I think was the first attempt to do this: Bill to Stop Californian Landlords Demanding Declawing of Cats. On that occasion Senator Pedro Nava introduced a bill that was not passed into law because it was drafted too widely. In principle, it was backed by the Californian government but they decided that the wording of the bill was unsatisfactory.

As I understand it, this is a follow up attempt to introduce this much needed legislation. There is no need for a landlord to demand declawing as a prerequisite to renting as there are numerous ways a landlord can be protected financially in the contract between tenant and landlord. To demand declawing is very narrow minded and frankly stupid and cruel.

Fran Pavey’s bill is, Senate Bill 1229. I feel that if this bill is passed it might be the thin edge of the wedge to a full declaw ban in California. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? It is one more chip off the rock that is declawing in the state and nationwide. For this reason it will be opposed vigorously by the Californian vets through their association. They will wheel out their usual tired arguments.

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Senate Bill 1229 provides for a fine of $1,000 for violation of its terms. It is also designed to protect dogs, by the way, as landlords sometimes insist that dogs are debarked by tenants.

The best way to deal with noisy dogs is to have a clause in the lease and tenancy agreement that says it is a breach of contract if the tenant makes a noise. If the dog barks the tenant can be removed from the accommodation under a court order. This protects the landlord without cruel devocalisation.

Well done Senator Fran Pavley and good luck. We are watching the progress of your bill closely.

This is an important piece of legislation as it is statewide. All the other pieces of legislation banned declawing concerned cities.


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Protecting Cats and Dogs in Californian Rental Housing

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Feb 29, 2012 Regards to you to
by: Michael

Thanks keenpetite for supporting the site – much appreciated.

I would love to see this bill passed into law as it would be one more chip of the declawing block.

Hope you are OK, Ruth.

Feb 28, 2012 I hope it passes
by: Ruth

I hope this law passes, another step forward in our battle against declawing would be wonderful!

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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Feb 27, 2012 Some protection for cats/dogs in rentals in California
by: Anonymous

Truly excited regarding the news (I hope)about pets in rentals in California. My enormous kudo to both Nava & Pavley for caring about these lesser ones. Mr Ghandi has been quoted as saying “A nation can be measured by its treatment of the lesser ones”
in this case cats/dogs.Great news to make my day a bit better.
Best wishes & regards,

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