Proud Owner of 2 Great Maine Coon Cats

Proud Owner of 2 Great Maine Coon Cats

by Mike Bisgrove
(Blandford, MA, USA)

My wife got me two Maine Coons for Christmas this year. Their names are Bam Bam and Boomer, they are only 8 months old.

They are tiger colored and the best cats we have had. I have 4 daughters that truly love these cats. My 18 month old can lay on one of them and play with him and all he does is lay there and let her.

My 8 year old puts a collar and leash on him and walks him around. These cats are so gentle and I feel that they are the best family cat to have. these cats will be with us for the rest of their lives.

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Proud Owner of 2 Great Maine Coon Cats

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Feb 16, 2009 It only gets better
by: Nancy in RI

My husband and I gave each other Maine Coon kittens for Christmas in 2007. They were and are the best gifts we have ever gotten. Sambuca and Butterscotch make us smile and are getting more beautiful every day. Each weigh around 20 pounds now but are so gentle and wonderful companions. Glad to hear your family are happy with the Christmas gifts that keep on giving.

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