Prowlers: Dark Nights (My Warriors Fanfiction)

Cat looking outside at night
‘What fun awaits out there in the darkness’. Image: in public domain.
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Prowlers: Dark Nights characters

Leader: Dreamstar- a tan she-cat with a black star on her neck and ice blue eyes
Deputy: Blackstorm- a black she-cat with a white tornado pattern along her neck, chest and back, a white tipped tail and nose with hunter green eyes and silver flecks
Apprentice: Ebonypaw
Medicine Cat: Wildflames- a yellow tom with red flames from his paws and nose with sunset orange eyes
Apprentice: Angelpaw
Warriors: (Trained to protect the clan). Redrose- a brown tom with red rose spots and stem stripes with flaming red eyes and yellow specks. Zebrastripe- a white tom with black stripes and golden yellow eyes.
Apprentice: Magmapaw. Darkflower- a black she-cat with white flower spot on her back and stem along her tail with white eyes. Lionfish- a golden tom with dark brown stripes and light brown eyes with orange around the pupils.
Apprentice: Owlpaw
Apprentices: (Training to become Warriors). Ebonypaw(crow)- a black she-cat with a white ring around her neck and paws with blue-silver eyes. Angelpaw(fish)- a golden she-cat with fin shapes in her fur and baby blue eyes. Magmapaw(heat)- a red-orange tom with dark red stripes from paws, tail and nose with yellow eyes and red flames in them. Owlpaw(feather)- a dark brown she-cat with black feathers and tail with winter blue eyes.
Queens: (Nursing or expecting kits)
Bluepool– a white she-cat with a dark blue spot on her back with dark blue spots around it and clear blue eyes (Dolphinkit- a light blue she-cat with misty stripes on her sides and up her nose with sterling-silver eyes, and Wildkit- a dark gray she-cat with a blue patch over her left eye with green eyes: Mate- Redrose). Cinderwhisker- a tan she-cat with black whiskers and middle toe on right forepaw black, black rings around her tail with fall amber eyes (Mate- Zebrastripe).
Elders: (Retired warriors) Smokypelt- a tan tom with a smoky face and left hind leg, white diagonal stripe across his left eyes and misty gray eyes

Leader: Mousestar- a light brown tom with white paws and blue eyes
Deputy: Buzzardbeak- a mostly black tom with a white tuft around his neck and a gold muzzle with bright blue eyes.
Medicine Cat: Rednose- a white she-cat with a red muzzle and dark amber eyes
Apprentice: Reedpaw(feather)- a gray tom with a twisted paw and green eyes
Warriors: Icemist- a misty gray she-cat with a blue tipped tail and green eyes
Apprentice: Sparklepaw(stripe)- a gray she-cat with blue eyes. Hollyblossom- a black tom with a gray tail and sharp red eyes. Firerose- a ginger she-cat with a red spot and amber eyes
Apprentice: Wolfpaw(talon)- a gray tom with three white talon spots and green eyes
Queens: Shrewflower- a brown she-cat with orange eyes (Mate-Hollyblossom)

Leader: Birchstar- a brown and black she-cat with dark amber eyes
Deputy: Oakstump- a tan tom with gray stripes and pale green eyes
Medicine Cat: Stumpytail- a red-brown tom with no right hind leg or tail with violet
Warriors: Singefoot- a gray she-cat with a black paw and bright blue eyes
Apprentice: Barkpaw(tail)- a white tom with a brown tail and green eyes. Ashtail- a white tom with a gray tail and dark gray stripes with pale amber eyes. Blackstream- a black she-cat with green eyes.
Apprentice: Twigpaw(feather)- a brown tom with green eyes
Queens: Stormfang- a black and white she-cat with yellow eyes (Mate- Ashtail)

Leader: Willowstar- a gray she-cat with green eyes
Deputy: Thornbreeze- a brown tom with gray stripes and pale brown eyes
Medicine Cat: Redcotton- a red and white tom with red eyes
Apprentice: Ospreypaw(flight)- a blind brown tom
Warriors: Scarletpool- a red tom with green eyes. Monarchheart- an orange she-cat with black wing shapes on her face and orange eyes. Firestrike- a red she-cat with black eyes
Queens: Swanflower- a black and tan she-cat with blue eyes.

Comment: omg love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait until the next part!!!!!!!!!i made up a cat of my own if ur going to make a second part.could u mabye use it if there is a next part?because id really love that.anyway,the cats name is Kestrelflower.i would love it if u used it.he is a tabby tom with the shape of a kestrel on his forehead.anyway love it!please use my cat!!!!!

Comment from Michael: I have brought this short post forward to today. It was written about 12 years ago. I think the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter is still relevant today. There was a time when it was extremely popular and there were calls for a film. That did not happen. It may happen in the future. CGI has improved tremendously over the years. I can see the possibility of a Warrior Cats film.

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