Prowlers: Dark Nights Prologue

Prowlers: Dark Nights Prologue

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Prowlers: Dark Nights Prologue

A dark figure appeared out of the shadows of the brush line. Sunset orange eyes the only color seen in the darkness of night. A wind blew, causing the cat to squint his eyes against the rough air and fluff out his fur as he began to quicken his pace. Making a bounding leap onto a flat rock.

He looked out, across the open plain for any sign of movement, that hinted life before glancing back and flicking his tail as a signal. His eyes filled with amusement as a younger cat tried to make that same graceful leap, but stumbled slightly.

She sat up with ruffled fur, but kept in fluffed up against the wind and in embarrassment. “Wildflames,” She panted, “How much further?” She asked, lashing her tail in frustration.

Wildflames looked at her and purred softly. His sunset orange eyes glowing with love for the young she-cat. He couldn’t help but think how lucky he was that the warrior code had been changed by Starclan, years ago after the three from stories had conquered the evil that threatened the world and was granted a wish, and now he could have a mate of his own. He was hoping to take the golden she-cat as a mate. “Angelpaw, patience young one. We have a bit further to go.” He said jumping off the rock and heading West across the open plain.

He heard Angelpaw come slathering up behind him, with weary, heavy pawsteps and a tired sigh. He knew the trek to Mooncave was tiring, even to the most seasoned warriors. However, he also had been waiting to give Angelpaw her medicine cat name for a moon. She had grown into a fine medicine cat, now she was to be rewarded and be accepted by Starclan.

For a moon, he had watched her growth as a medicine cat and even watched her help a queen with birthing. She had really grown up. He purred softly, glancing at her, then looking at where they were.

He smiled and stopped. He noticed Angelpaw looking at him weirdly. “Look. Just ahead, between the two giant stones.” He purred, pointing with his tail.

Angelpaw looked in the direction he was motioning to. She was looking between the two stones, seeing a black opening with a soft glow coming out of it. She gasped, then managed to stammer out. “I-is that the M-Mooncave?” This was the first time she had ever come. She had always stayed with the clan, every moon, in case a cat was sick or a queen had kits coming.

“Yes is it.” Wildflames purred besides her, a deep pride in his chest. “Come, young one. Meet your ancestors.” He said and took off with renewed strength.

He heard the paws of Angelpaw and many others running beside him. Pelts brushed against his as he ran. Welcoming him as he made a final leap up the slope. The mouth of the Mooncave standing before him.

He smiled when he heard Angelpaw’s gasp. “Welcome to the Mooncave, little one.” He purred, stepping into the swallowing darkness.

He listened to Angelpaw’s hesitant steps behind him. He sent up a silent prayer to Starclan. Please give her strength. He prayed. He smiled his thanks as she picked her way down with more ease and confidence.

They walked for what seemed like hours to Angelpaw, but soon the passage opened up to a giant stone glowing in a pool of water. The glow was soft and welcoming. “So beautiful.” She gasped.

She looked around and saw that Wildflames was down by the pool looking at her, flicking his tail for her to come to his side. She nodded and padded over to him swiftly. When she sat beside him, he spoke.

“Ancestors I have brought you a new medicine cat.” He turned to look at Angelpaw. “Angelpaw, do you swear to protect and heal your clan even if it costs your life?” He asked.

Angelpaw looked at him, her eyes shining. “Yes Wildflames.” She meowed purring loudly.

“Then by the power of Starclan and my medicine cat skills, I give you the name Angelfish and welcome you as a full medicine cat of Goldclan.” He purred and touched his muzzle to hers.
She purred as she touched her muzzle back to his as was custom for the medicine cat ritual. “Now Angelfish, as new medicine cat you must share tongues with Starclan.” Wildflames said this looking at the soft blue pool. “Just touch your nose to the water and sleep. I warn you it is cold though.” He said, taking a step away and into the shadows, letting only his eyes be seen.
Angelfish looked at the pool as she slowly approached, lying down and tucking her paws under her chest, before slowly touching her muzzle to the water and falling asleep.

When Angelfish opened her eyes, she was surrounded by cats with shimmering pelts. “Welcome Angelfish.” A she-cats voice spoke to her. Angelfish turned her head to see a sandy colored cat with dark stripes and amber eyes looking at her.

“H-hello.” Angelfish stammered.

“I am Sandstar, and we are your ancestors. We welcome you as a full medicine cat. Now we have a prophecy for you.” She said sweeping her tail around her paws and looking into Angelfish’s eyes. “The night will run wild and destroy the forest.” She said as she ebbed away.

Angelfish opened her eyes to the glow of the pool. She looked around for Wildflames, not seeing his eyes. “Wildflames?” She called.
“I’m here little one.” He said. He padded over to her and licked her forehead. “How did it go?” He asked.

“We have to return to the camp now.” She said scared. She started to run up the passage they had entered, not slowing as she jumped down and ran, not stopping until she got home.

They broke though the camp entrance and Angelfish raced to Dreamstar’s den. “Dreamstar?” She called.
“Yes, Angelpaw.” She said sleepily and blinking open her eyes.

“It’s Angelfish, but I have a prophecy for you from Starclan. The night will run wild and destroy the forest.” She repeated Sandstar’s words exactly.

“Thank you for telling me. We will talk more in the morning. Tell no one else of this prophecy, except Wildflames.” The tan she-cat said, turning her black starred back to Angelfish. “Now go sleep young one.” She said and closed her eyes.
Angelfish nodded and padded out of the leader’s den and to the medicine den to sleep. Padding to her nest she curls up to sleep. This prophecy weighing on her shoulders as she falls into a deep sleep.

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Prowlers: Dark Nights Prologue

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May 05, 2011
by: Audrey Smith

Wow! Your writing is awesome, and I love your cat names! Sometimes, I Make a clan or two of my own, to write a story, but it never really gets of the ground, unless it,s only on or two chapters long, like my story on here, Cherrypaw’s Big Chance. Please, finish this story, I really want to find out what happens.

May 04, 2011
Very well written – great start
by: Michael

Hi..loved the beginning of your story. Very impressed with the quality of the writing too. Well done.

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