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Psychiatric evaluation for feral cat shooter and four year suspended prison sentence — 5 Comments

  1. What a nasty tone to the previous comment! This article is not about shooting animals on one’s own property but in A PUBLIC SPACE, where such activities would be unlawful in every state in the union. The linked FL case, which looks like “home cooking”, illustrates the lack of education about TNR & the widespread difficulty of protecting outdoor cats. No doubt about it — much as we provide support, we still are giving hostages to fortune.

  2. Too bad that neither he nor you know the laws in the USA. Had he shot cats on his own property he would be applauded as a hero by his neighbors and no charges could be filed. In fact, he could even sue the cat-colony caretakers for thousands of dollars in damages as well as legally shooting their cats for them.

    Here’s but one example from every state in the USA.


  3. Not tough enough, I’m sure we’ll agree, but a step in the right direction. I’m sure he will be on supervised probation while he performs those 400 hrs. of community service, so if he steps out of line again he’ll be found out & his suspended sentence will be activated. This case is another argument for gun control.

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