Psychic cat granted permission to live at rest home with her owner

Nancy Cowen and Cleo
Nancy Cowen and Cleo. Photo by Grant
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This is the story of a psychic cat in England who made her way to a place she’d never been to or seen before, just to be with her former owner.

Understandably, the story has gone viral on every site the story has posted, scoring over 4 million Facebook likes on Now this beautiful cat has been granted permission to live at the rest home with her former-um…current owner.

Cleo the cat’s story began a several weeks ago when her owner, Nancy Cowen, became a resident of Brantley House Residential Home in Westcott. Cleo had been with Nancy for eight years. She had picked her up as a stray in Richmond before moving to Westcott. It was hard for Nancy to part with her beloved companion when moving into the care home, even though Cleo had been left in the care of a trusted neighbor. This is a common problem for elderly people with cats who move into residential care homes. They have to say goodbye to their cat but….not in this instance.

About two weeks after Nancy moved into the residential care home, employees reported seeing a strange cat hanging around and sleeping on the benches outside the home. The staff thought Cleo was a moggie just begging for food but it turned out that this kitty was determined to reunite with her beloved human guardian. Bramley House employee Laura Costello told Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser:

“About two weeks after Nancy moved in, this cat just started turning up and sleeping on the benches outside the home. It was very strange.”

No one knew where this strange new cat had come from, but it didn’t take long for Nancy and Cleo to be reunited. Nancy remembers that ‘aha moment’ when she realized she was looking at her faithful companion, now held by one of the caregivers at the residential home.

“That cat looks like my cat. But my cat lost part of her tail in a traffic accident.”

After checking the friendly kitty and duly noting that part of her tail was missing and confirming Cleo’s identity with Nancy’s sister, they knew they had a miracle kitty. Or should we describe Cleo as psychic? This isn’t a cat who found her way back home after being lost miles from where she lived. Cleo had never been to the rest home, yet found her former – or should we say owner – within days.

Apparently love has no bounds, no distance. There has to be a force that reunited Nancy and Cleo.

Brantley House has made arrangements for Cleo and Nancy to remain together. The staff has agreed to help care for the cat, and to find Cleo another home in the future, if necessary.

Right now everyone is just trying to figure out how Cleo found her way back to Nancy. What do you think happened? Please leave a comment.

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14 thoughts on “Psychic cat granted permission to live at rest home with her owner”

  1. If there was ever a face that spoke the words ‘thank God I am home at last, this is where I am meant to be forever with this woman’ then it is this cats beautiful face.

    1. She just knew she had to find her Human. Its like a deep Bond and Trust. Something you don’t see much in Older Cats. Its so lovely she got to stay there. That was really nice of them.

  2. This is beautiful and after reading some horrific articles lately it has warmed my heart. I just think that cat has been here before and knows things we aren’t even aware of he has this ‘other worldly’ look about him just look at that face and those eyes I’m so glad we have a happy ending ……

  3. I just really think that the Cat Loved her so much she went so far. Great that she could keep her Shes a Beautiful Kitty. Cats can go miles just to find their Humans, Its amazing how far they will go.

  4. A real psychic story that proves some cats do have telepathic powers.My own cats immediately recognize if a stranger or one of their human companions is outside the closed door.I have observed this on numerous occasions with my hose-keeper while she returns to my house.Same applies when i am outdoors and return home.

  5. No doubt its a great story but this kind of bond is observed in DOGS and very less in cats. But for DOGS I am sure. no doubt about DOGS.

    Cats are very rare in this instinct but nothing is impossible in the world we live in.

    Great that the cat is re-unite with its human companion, it is not a psycho behavior but as I know that we don’t have sufficient knowledge yet about CATS. If it is possible, maybe something in the FERAL BREED or DNA nature of such breed or perhaps some kind of AURA/ smell reading senses of a cat.

    Who knows????? <3

      1. Yeah you are right, Michael but I also believe that cats see the AURA of every human beings and see the ghosts and spirits which we can’t see. Even in our (Moslem) belief there is proof that cats, dogs, birds can listen/ see the unseen.

        They have special lenses which a human eye or camera can’t detect to watch.

        I am gathering some facts according to Islamic and other believes but they are related to faith but not science.

        That is the only reason I sometimes stop to write about but the answers are within many questions. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I tend to find a scientific answer but it hard to find one in this instance. It is similar to cats knowing when a person is dying (thought to be through scent detection) and detecting earthquakes (vibrations).

  6. This is a remarkable story and it comes from England – great.

    We really can’t explain these events. It points to an intelligence and a sensitivity in cats that we have not yet understood.

    Do we know how far from her home the residential care home is?

    Perhaps Nancy left a scent trail that Cleo picked up. That is possible. Cats have fabulous noses not far short of those of dogs.

    Has anyone ever tried to explain this?

    Cleo looks like a wise old sage ๐Ÿ˜‰

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