PTSD Iraq Vet Adopts 30 Pound Tabby As Therapy Cat

Meatloaf 30 pound rescue cat
Meatloaf – 30 pound rescue cat adopted by PTSD Iraq veteran.
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These two need each other. Meatloaf is 30 pound tabby cat at King’s Harvest Pet Rescue, Davenport, IOWA, USA. He became a celeb. I think it’s his cute expression. The nonchalance. He doesn’t care if he is more than twice the weight he should be. I hope his new owner does care though because he obviously needs to go on a diet. It’ll take quite a while to get him to where he should be.

Meatloaf was relinquished (abandoned we’ll call it) to the shelter because his owners could no longer look after him. He was fed human food. He’s 11-years-of-age. He’s cranky! Maybe he’s fed up with hauling 30 pounds around. The rescue said that he needed a home with no other cats, dogs or children. I’d suspect that he’s cranky because he wasn’t cared for that well.
Although he achieved some fame he was slow to be adopted. Thankfully Steve Gusman an Iraq veteran with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), adopted him as a therapy cat. Steve heard about Meatloaf through the online news story on KWQC. They got along fine. He was looking for a cat who was not highly strung. But he is cranky, Steve. Plenty of love and exercise (play) but less food should be the order of the day. Well done for adopting him.


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  1. How horrible, the previous owners obviously knew he was sick which was their fault, and then threw him out to avoid vet bills and putting in any effort to help him. Despicable. That is why he was cranky, he was ill and in a lot of pain and was obviously never taken to a vet. Very cruel. Sorry for the veteran who also was a victim of their cruelty having to go thru the death of this poor animal. RIP Meatball, you are free from the horrible humans who failed you and free from pain and illness.


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