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Publicising Cats for Adoption — 10 Comments

  1. Another interesting article that has given me food for thought with regards Jinxy. Its so sad though that bad things have to happen to a cat before it is given the best possible chance of finding a good home. Right after it was realised that Mr Jinks leg wasn’t healing as well as it should the vet said ‘I know it doesn’t sound very nice but a cat with 3 legs (especially B&W which aren’t very popular) will have a greater chance of finding a good home because people will feel sorry for him. I said I’m sorry but that’s sick. I’ve fought for him to keep his leg and I will also fight for a good home for him when its all over

  2. All any shelter has to do is take each cat….deleted. Woody I have given you your say on your page but here it is out of bounds (Admin)

        • He tries to ruin perfectly good articles, he seems to lurk there waiting to pounce. I can’t understand his mentality, I should ignore him I suppose and just leave him to you to dispose of his rants.

          • His mentality is beyond any rational person’s understanding, R.
            He’s not worth reading.
            I wish he had his own page “Woody’s Rants” so all of his comments could be thrown there and he could just rant to himself. LOL!

  3. Yes it’s a shame that so many people want to adopt a ‘famous’ cat when there are hundreds more needing homes too.
    Publicising them is a good idea, that way the idea might reach people who wouldn’t give a thought to adopting a pet otherwise.

  4. Publicising cats and dogs has been my new mission. I now have an article on each cat and dog at the high kill shelter in Greenville. I’ve also taken on the off the beaten path shelter in Liberty. I took the Liberty shelter because its the home of my ancestors-literally. More than a century ago my Taylor line owned the land on Five Forks Road the shelter sits on. My spirit guide told me to help them. I’m honest in the articles as to the type home a pet needs. The Pinterest boards are being shared and so are the articles. http://www.pinterest.com/furbyshouse/

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