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  1. Live Science has a interesting article out today.
    Did cats really disappear from North America for 7 million years?

    • Yes the Puma is a fabulous cat. The reason why, incidentally, that the title is ‘Puma Cat’ is because a lot of people search for Puma shoes! Thanks for commenting Susan.

  2. excellent write up on Pumas. Please check out my web page and my PUMAS. I always realized the desire to have a BIG CAT living with me, was unfair to the cat and my family.When i had an accidental breedings of Bengal x Burmese. i was faced with the beauty of kittens i had never seen in 40 years of breeding. I have pursued breeding these hybrids and now have house sized PUMAS, or mountain lions. I still have smaller ears, bigger size and more even coat color. But many people have refused to walk past my grown males. please see and let me know your opinion. I give 10% of every sale to big cat rescue.

  3. We just wanted to leave you a message. I read your page because I was interested in the Puma cat and we also have one in the woods behind our house. It was a total surprise to my husband when he looked up from his computer and out the french doors and saw this cat chasing something (possible a young doe that we saw earlier eating berries on a bush in our back yard.) he called me and told me what he saw and the first thing I said that it was a panther because my brother has them in the woods behind his house and he lives in the country. My husband looked up the panther on the internet and then posted it to Facebook and within 30 minutes he was getting feedback from other people who have seen a cat like that in their areas. That just amazed me. I would never have thought they would live in a wooded area so close to town. How can this animal be removed safely out of our area? I do not want him or her to be harmed in any way, just relocated if possible.

    • Hi Henry and Deborah. Nice story. The sad fact is that human population growth means that people have encroached upon the puma’s territory and they in turn have become habituated to living in and around human settlements. This puts the two together (people and puma). There is usually one outcome: the death of the puma because in general people are fearful of the puma and the police tend to shoot them rather than organise relocation. If I search for ‘relocating puma wild cats’ almost nothing comes up. This does not surprise me. You’ll get household removal companies called “Puma removals” or something before you will find stories of successful relocation of pumas. People are not that interested in relocating wild cat species. It is easier and cheaper to kill them. That sounds awful and cynical but I have learned that it is not far from the truth. I’ll have a look in more depth about this today and try and add to this comment as it is an interesting topic. Thanks for commenting.

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